Monday, 13 July 2015

How exciting....

Exciting indeed!!!! 

Oooh a parcel has turned up ..... Yipppeeeee!!! Look HERE.  Happy happy stitching!!! I am quite releaved it turned up, it did travel all the way to Australia!!

No news on the other parcels yet....  I am sure they are in the system, somewhere! Please let me know when they turn up :)

Lol... Are you wondering about my mug?  Well when I was hopping about blogs I popped in on Justine.  There was a lot of 'tea' chatting.... Ha ha by this I mean, it's about her current stitch project... It's got a tea pot in it... And oh it's a very pretty design.  I joined in and said I don't like tea! Ha ha really I don't... I think it's because I grew up in Germany and France and prefer coffee.  Well.... Gosh this is turning out to be a long old explanation!! Ok... The cup... It's rather funny as inside it says "drink tea and talk happy"!  This makes me smile every time I drink out of it .... Ha ha see I always fill it with coffee!!! Ha ha 

Bet your all pleased that long winded explanation is over!! Ha ha 

Right.... I am now stitching inbetween the pain, so I am not managing to,get as much done as I usually do.  But I am not grumbling as I am still able to stitch.

I am still working on the Stitchers Anon design called "The Humble Bumble Bee".  I am really really enjoying this, it's such a happy design, filled with pretty things I like to stitch too! And I am pleased I decided to challenge myself with this too.  Stitching 1 over 1 on 32 count fabric is actually alright, gets easier the more I am doing.

Here is my journey so far... The end is actually in sight!

That's where I am now.... I thinks it's actually awesome to be able to see all the photos together of my stitching.  I really enjoy stitching and seeing it like this makes me think how lucky I am to be able to stitch. 

I had a lovely subscription magazine turn up Saturday... It's a quilting magazine called "Quilt Now".. Yes I know I am not actively quilting but I like to read the magazines.  And when I am up to it I would love to start.  The magazine had a little project booklet with it.... English paper piecing.... Oooh looks very interesting.

One of the main reasons I opted to subscribe to this magazine was really what was inside.... I love all the photos and picture instructions. 

Here is my collection so far...

Here is a peek inside and you will see why I love it so much...

I mean how love,y is all this!!! Just something about fabrics.. The colours the textures.... The patterns and designs... Heaven!! I would oh so love to own a fabric/sewing shop... I would spend all day feeling all the fabrics! Ha ha

See how easy it is to read and understand.... I love the pictures.  See I am more of a picture person...dislike reading! Ha ha guess that's due to my SpLD's!! (Dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia)

And great tips too...

This looks interesting... I think they used a glue pen? I have never used one, keep meaning to...even for my hexies.  I should try one out... I think it's just a dab? And when you take out the paper does it stick to the paper? Anyone use a glue pen for this? Let me know and what you recommend as I would love to give one a go.

There are great useful tips too...

And Oooh look at some point I am going to have to try and make this...

Ha ha probably bored you all silly showing you my magazine?!  I wanted to share this wonderful magazine as I really like it... No other reason! 

I think it's good to read what everyone likes or dislikes... I pick up so many tips and ideas from blog hopping.  So there is my 'like' !! 

Hope your all well, I know a few of you are poorly and have nasty bugs right now, take care of yourselves and know I am thinking of you.

Big happy smiles to you all :)


  1. Your WIP is looking so pretty, yes stitching over one on 32 ct is certainly a challenge! I stitched St. Basil's Cathedral over one on 32 oh my!!!

    I'm glad you're still able to find solace in your stitching!

  2. Wonderful progress Jacquie. That is such a wonderful design.


  3. Your stitching looks great it's so even :). That turtle pincushion is adorable!

  4. Good for you Jacquie! Keep on stitching! I am hoping, as you are, for your physical improvement soon. How is your eating going?

  5. I love the cute bee stitching! So fun!
    I think you definitely must make that cute turtle pincushion! That would be so much fun!!!
    I hope you are feeling better today!!!

  6. Such a FUN post! Beautiful stitching, darling mug gift and oooooh those pretty magazines. I have been doing some quilting just today. I understand about the lovely projects on blogs, magazines etc.. Hope you are feeling better. love Annette

  7. LOvely sampler, I really like the verse.
    Nice magazines.
    The mug is so cute, I am a latte drinker and coffee is second.


  8. The Bumble Bee sampler isreally something special ,never seen this one before !And the mug is cute too ! Lucky You!

  9. I'm a coffee drinker too! I couldn't drink it out of a tea cup though, it would taste wrong! Have you ever taken a mouthful of coffee which turned out to be tea? It doesn't taste like either drink!

    The Bee Sampler is gorgeous anyway and your magazine looks great too. Even if all you do is look at the pictures!

  10. so happy with my parcel...........
    nice mag........

  11. so happy with my parcel...........
    nice mag........


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