Thursday, 9 July 2015

How much more can I take??

Hello friends.... So sorry for not blogging as often as I should be... Epic failure.

I have good and bad news to tell you all.... Where do I start??

Ok.... Good news as I am trying so very very hard to stay positive right now.  

I have been trying to stitch, to keep myself busy.... Been doing a bit here and a bit there...

Remember my Blackbird "Octopus's Garden design?... Stitched on 36 count grey raw linen 2 over 2... A little up date...

That is where I am now.... Jon says it looks like an elephant now!! Ha ha 

Everything from the giveaway was posted out a while ago please let me know if you received your packages :)

I joined a new group on FaceBook group that are doing a summer stitch along, it's got some great designers in. The rule of the group is to stitch one of the designers designs and post progress.... One of the designers is Gale French from Stitchers Anon designs.
Naturally I had to join in!! So I am stitching this lovely design, it's called "The Humble Bumble Bee" designed by Gale French.

Here is my progress so far...
I am stitching it on hand dyed toned 32 count fabric, 1 over 1!! Yes tiny stitches!! Thought I could do witha challenge!

This is what I was going to stitch it on...but changed my mind!

To this....

My progress...

And I am also quite impressed with the back so far too!!

It's a very enjoyable stitch.... 

So that is what I have been stitching...

Have to ask before we go any further, does any of you have a magic wand?? Come on someone out there must have one!!??

Ok.... So me!!  Yes this is the bad news... Well not so good news...

I am still on bed rest, bed bound is a term I am not using anymore as its depressing!  So bed rest it is!  Last week the Dr was called out as the pain in my knee was worse.  And a new deveopment... I now have an inflamed coccyx!! Omg!! Pain... Seriously!?? It's just never ending.  The doctor came out again yesterday and says to leave my coccyx for another week to see if there are any signs of improvement... If not then I am looking at tests at the hospital.  You know ex-Rays...and what ever they want.  My knee in the mean time...well like I say in bed so no even hobbling about on crutches, too wobbly and unsafe. Yes it's hurting more than ever... The Dr is chasing up my MRI results, still not got the results some 5-6 weeks later!! And also chasing up the hospital regarding seeing a knee Dr... And chasing up the knee brace I am supposed to be getting fitted too.  

Seems to me that I have just been forgotten about by the doctors... Fed up of having to keep chasing them for everything.  In fact I am fed up full stop... I just want to not feel or be ill anymore, enough is enough.  So if you have a magic wand.... Be sure to contact me!!

On another subject now.... Today I had ATOS come out to assess me for a disability (pip) claim.  They came to my home, asked me loads of questions about my health, what's been going on and how I am coping... If your not familiar with this, it's basically the UK system for claiming any disability benefits.  I applied back in April, when a Department of working pensions person came to my home and advised me to do so seeing the situation I was in!  Now that the assessment is over it can take up to 6 weeks to find out the result... Whether or not I have been awarded disability or not.  If I do get it, it can help with a blue badge to put in the car, for when I am up and about again.  Because my knee is so upredictable it will help if I need to go out.  And yes the increased funding will help too.  

At this stage I could not even say when I will be up and about again?  Pain is an awful thing to live with, I know a few/lot of you suffer too on a daily basis.  Coping is hard... Thank goodness I have blogging and stitching!!

So trying to be and stay positive...

Happy smiles to you all :)


  1. Jacquie my dear I had wondered about you. I am so very sorry it has gotten worse. I do not have a magic wand, no. Remember a certain Book I spoke with you many months ago, about getting and reading? I do believe it is time Jacquie. I am praying for you.♥

  2. Oh Jacquie huge hugs for you girl!!!!

    Keep stitching! It all looks great!

  3. Oh, Jacquie - I was glad to see you had posted - I was worried about you. I'm so sorry to hear of all the pain and angst you're going through. Keep stitching and blogging - we're all here for you.
    Love and hugs

  4. So sorry to hear of your continued health problems. Your Bee sampler is so pretty - even the back!

  5. A beautiful sampler you chose to help keep your spirits up. It's looking super.
    Sending {hugs} your way. x

  6. Jacquie, hang in there! It will get better... And your stitching looks wonderful! The back is so impressive, professional!

  7. I am sorry to hear that you are still suffering with your knee pain and now another painful area. Thinking of you and lifting you up in prayer.

    Robin in Virginia

    PS I like your new bee sampler that you are working on.

  8. Stay positive like you've been this whole time! If I find a magic wand I'll send it over lol. I'm sorry you're stuck in bed again that must be so frustrating. Especially since you got that little taste of freedom again. You need to get a robot body ;) I like your stitching, my backs will never look like that lol. Mine are a mess :)

  9. So, so sorry you are feeling bad again! It has really been unending!! I hope they'll locate your test results and get moving on this!! I am glad you have your stitching and blogging...the best way to keep your mind occupied. ❤️

  10. Your stitching is looking amazing! You chose the perfect fabric for the SAL too, very summery.
    Good luck with the PIP claim, they must be taking you seriously if they came out to your home. Usually it's a 30 miles trip to find the room is upstairs with no lift! Or maybe that's just here! Seriously, the assessment room is upstairs in an old building. No sure if they've moved it after the newspaper picked up the story of one poor woman.

  11. So sorry you are back to your pain again , I wish I had a magic wand I could use it on many of my friends right now.
    Lovely stitching .

  12. I am so sorry to hear you are having more troubles....hopefully the Dr can kick the bums of all the other Drs and get something done for you!! Wish I had a magic wand you could have it no problems!! Your stitching is the bumble bee one you are currently bumble bees, we don't have them here in Victoria but we have them in NZ. Keep strong!!

  13. Hey Jacquie.....any news..........OMG so excited I have recieved my parcel thanks SOOOOOOO it today..........have already started stitching it up..........loving it..........thankyou.........hope your ok as you have not posted for a couple of days...........


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