Friday, 17 July 2015

Ooooh something new...

Hello wonderful friends, I have been busy!!

First thing to share with you all is my latest finish... It's the wonderful Scent of Ginger designed by Stitchers Anon.

Here is my journey...

There it is!! I have left off the top and bottom border as I am not sure how I am going to finish it yet.  It was a happy design to stitch, I loved it.

So after completing that in erm... Record time I thought about doing something different.  I like sewing in general and found something whilst surfing the web the other day.  I liked the bright colours of it and the fact I could stitch some structured stitches and basically what I want too.  

I bought it from and got a bargain as there was a code (summertime) enabling me to get a rather handsome 50% off!! 

Here it is....
A stitch kit designed by Nancy Nicholson.

Look at the lovely threads, love how they are tied up...

I started to stitch...

Made it up as I went along really....

I love the effect it has.... I really like it... Lots.

Have to see how this progresses!!

I do have some news to tell you all.... It's about my MRI results I had on the 6 th JUNE.  

Jon has been phoning frantically all around the hospital to try to speak to a someone connected to me when I had the MRI.  Jon did eventually get to speak to a consultants secretary.  Apparently I have very little cartilage left in my left knee, the bones are grinding against each other and at any moment in time the rest of the cartilage could go... The secretary said I would 'know' about it when that happens! Hmmm even more pain?!  So all my details have now been passed onto the relivant consultant to see what they are going to do.

Here is where I kind of lose the plot... See I know I will need surgery... But I have never ever been knocked out under anesthetic , and am frightened.  Oh I have no idea when this if this happens will happen? But I cannot not think about this.  

When I was in hospital I was told what ever the outcome of my MRI result I would not get a new knee replacement.  This is because new knees only last around 10 years, and ha ha I am too young to have one! How darn silly!  And now I have an added complication, I take fragmin injections daily to prevent blood clots.. So my blood is thin, oh yes thin!! 

I really have no idea what they will decide to do with me!? All I am concerned about it getting out of this  bed, i have been here all year, apart from the in's and outs of hospital!  I cannot spend the rest of this year in bed... 

I guess it's only natural for me to worry, yes worried what will happen to me.  So I guess I will be staying in my bed until something happens. Ho hum! 

I will not dwell or be unhappy about this or my situation... Life is just too short.  I need to live, be me, enjoy life and smile! So this is what I will do!! 

I will of course let you all know what is going to happen with my knee, when I know! Until then... I will SMILE!! :)

Ok... So smiles to you all :)


  1. Oh ouch I couldn't imagine. I've been knocked out with anesthesia twice before (I think) and it's not too bad. The first was when I broke my arm and had to have it surgically corrected (muscle got wrapped around the bone lol I have a nice scar) and the other time was trying to fix my horrendous teeth. I've had 12 of my adult teeth pulled because I have a tiny mouth and I'm pretty sure one of those at least was under anesthesia. But enough on that congrats on a cute finish! The bird looks fun I've never done anything like that. What a great way to be creative!

  2. Lovely stitching and finish Jacquie. I think I would insist on knee replacement if that will heip you.


  3. Trés interessante la broderie avec l'oiseau !
    j'adore les petits pains d'épices c'est Noël en été
    Big smiles

  4. Lovely finish, great new buy love the bird.
    Don't worry about having your op you won't feel or know any thing , untill you come around.
    I was like you , but really there is no need to worry , you will mend really quick.Hugs.

  5. The Christmas finish is cute! The bird is so colorful. I'm with Linda, insist on a knee replacement! I'll sit here and get angry for you! Doctors here in the U.S. have that ridiculous notion about ones age and how long a knee replacement will last. Bull Pucky! What about quality of life? Aren't we allowed to have a good one? I have two knees that act like 90 years old. I'm 51. It's like I have to wait until I'm in my 60s or 70s before I'm allowed to get a knee replacement! And then I'll keel over from old age and go to my grave with brand new knees! Sorry, Jacquie. I understand your frustration. We have to keep our chins up. The only difference is that I can still walk. Keep smiling and keep stitching!

  6. What a sweet Christmas stitching and the altembroidery kit looks fantastic!! Please take note what butterflye just wrote she knows what she tlls You 1 i ahve been in a knee operation and many others too because of my arthritis ..nothing to be worry about they will take care of You and I promise to say a prayer for if You allow me do to so !!???

  7. I love that kit. I may have to treat myself to it.
    Please don't worry about being 'put under', There's nothing to it. I had a HUGE operation about 18 months ago which took over 4 hours. ( Short version of a long story I was cut in half and have a scar from below my belly button to level with my armpit on my back). I remember the lovely anaesthetist saying good night to me, next thing I remember was being woken up half a day later. Nothing to it. They will be used to nervous people. They gave me a pre med a few hours before - temazapam which totally relaxed me ( I was seeing unicorns, love the stuff). Ask about having one. When I had my daughter I had to have an emergency C Section. THere was no time for niceties, it was straight to the theatre and be knocked out along the way. Again all I remember was being asked to count back from 10 and then being woke up. Even though it was a last minute emergency the staff were still amazing and I felt totally comfy.
    If you need to talk nearer the day I'm here. I'm in Wales so I can be on the end of a phone line if needed

  8. Cute finish! The bird looks great - you are so artistic!
    My husband has no cartilage left in either of his knees and he manages pretty will get there!

  9. Oh bless you. Well, now having had 10 operations in my life, I have to say, please don't be frightened. They will take all of this into consideration. After our fb chat, I remembered, I am on drugs which cause clotting and thrombosis...and that means they had to take a little extra care of hun; whatever they decide, it will be well thought out. And of course, there is the stuff my neighbour had injected which replaced the cartilage and synovial fluid..and so far it seems to be working. Now, we will all be there to help you when they decide what they are going to do...until then, I LOVE this's wonderful!

  10. Your Christmas stitching looks great. Have you seen the Sharon Wasi-thingy gingerbread cottages? Can't remember how to spell her name! They are just your style.

  11. She did a free SAL on FB, let me know if you want to be added.


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