Monday, 20 July 2015

Lots going on.... + update news!

Hello wonderful friends...

I have lots to show and tell you about, make sure your sitting comfortably as I may be a little while!

So first things first, stitching..... Yes been stitching :)

Remember I left the Blackbird Yellow Submarine design like this... I have not stitched much but I have added to it.

Here it is...

I am rather disappointed in the DMC threads on the submarine... On the cover of the chart it clearly shows several tones of yellow... I have the colours listed...hmmm 

Look here see what I mean...

Bit closer...

I have used 3 different yellow colours, not sure what I should do? Would love some suggestions...


Jon did some digging about and found out that all the charts in print for The Yellow Submarine have the same number on... DMC 3821.  After more digging and thinking jon decided to see if the conversion was correct from Gentle Art threads... BY JOVE HE FOUND THE PROBLEM!! The conversion should of read DMC 3822!! One digit out!! Oh but it made a huge difference! The DMC 3822 looks oh so much better!! Guess I will be frogging now this problem has been solved! Thanks to my wonderful husband! 


Then as I got disheartened with that I then moved onto something a little more 'fun'...

Yes back onto the Heart in Hand Joyful Journal month series, this time I stitched August. All ready for August!!

I simply love how quick and cute all of these look.... I do hope Linda that won JUNE in my recent giveaway is enjoying stitching hers?

Oooh yes, in fact I hope all my giveaway winners are enjoying stitching :). Love to see up dates :)

As some of you know, I frequent FaceBook...hmmm a lot! Ha ha and I belong to a few groups.  One of the groups is The Scarlet Letter.  I LOVE all yes all the Scarlet Letter designs...but Oh my!! They are expensive! So I pop in and out the group drooling at all the designs being stitched.  Oh there are happy points to this!! Jon, my wonderful husband knew I was wanting to stitch a lovely sampler so he went on the hunt!! Ha ha yes he did!! I mean it's no secret here that we are trying to cope on a low income the best we can... And to my amazement jon found a design in our budget! Well he gave it to me and I was over the moon.  Then he told me he found it on eBay... For £6 including postage!! It's a kit too!! 

Here it is,...

Close up...

I was that happy I told everyone in The Scarlet Letter FaceBook group! I must say everyone in the group is so nice.  The lady that runs the page did something rather wonderful... And just simply blew me away.  She has allowed me to stitch her Mary Gail sampler and very generously gifted me the fabric to stitch it on.  I was speechless... Such love,y kind hearted people within the stitching community.

Here it is...

Close up...

How lovely is that!!! 
Jon found a cheap place to order the threads for this beauty... I am so impatient .... Waiting for them now!!  Oh yes and this will be my hardest challenge to date as its to be stitched on 40 count! Ha ha I can do this.... Can I? Itching to start this!! 

Oooh yes... Sorry yes there is more...

A while ago I showed you all a little stitching project I did, it was actually what started me off challenging myself stitching smaller!

This one...
Maria Diaz design called Friends Forever...

I loved stitching it and as it was out of a magazine... Cross Stitch Collection I posted it on their FaceBook wall!  And to my amazement they contacted me to put it in their magazine! 

Look!! Here it is... 
The magazine, issue 252, August 2015.... 


Yes .... For those that are not aware... I should explain!! On Facebook I am know as Dora France... See it's my nick name all my friends and family call me.  Dora... Ha ha because I don't shut doors! And France because I used to live there! Simple as that!

GO ME!! ha ha 

So I bet your all wondering what I am doing now? Ha ha seeing as how you have all fallen asleep from boredom I will save that for my next post! Ha ha a

Thank you so much for popping in... Always lovely to see you!!

Big happy smiles to all of you :)


  1. Nope, still awake! Great stitching going on there! As for Submarine, I have no clue. Sometimes the floss symbols are so alike maybe you misread them? Check the Blackbird Designs website, an error may have occurred during the charting. Now that you're a celebrity with an assumed identity, curious eyes are going to follow your every move stitching those Scarlett's up!

    1. Lol thank you for staying awake! I have check the blackbird chart and the symbols, it's right... I think I will change the colour myself and frog it! Hmm oh well... Or maybe I will just start again? It's so sad but it's put me off. Yes my concentration now is on the Scarlet Letter designs! Cannot wait to start them!

    2. I see the different colors of yellow they're just brighter :). I think it looks great you've made good progress. Congrats on the magazine that's awesome!

    3. I added in the update! So pleased it's now resolved :)

  2. Loved this post! You have a great hubby! And Nicola is a very generous soul and does a great job making everyone feel welcome at the Scarlet Letter Facebook page. Love to see your progress.

  3. I love it..a perfect post! Gorgeous stitching..not sure what to suggest for the submarine..maybe email blackbird designs?

  4. All your stitching looks so wonderful , enjoy your stitching hugs.

  5. What a shame about the yellow submarine. I can understand not wanting to do all the frogging now.
    August is adorable.

  6. Your little august piece is adorable! I like the challenge of stitching small too sometimes I don't want the end result to be so big!

  7. Wonderful progress and cute finish Jacquie. I love your new chart.


  8. Amei conhecer o seu blog, já fiquei por aqui!!!Achei maravilhoso!!!
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

  9. You've been stitching up wonderful things Jacqui, very lovely.
    Great quilting magazine you got, might have to get myself one of those.
    As you can tell, I'm having a blog catch up, been on hols for 10 days with no internet!
    Love and {hugs} x

  10. I would definitely frog the yellow. Is the model picture stitched in DMC? Sometimes they use other colours. You can just about see the difference but to be honest, the lighter patches just look thin to me!
    Nicola is a wonderful and generous person. You probably don't know that I was involved in setting up the original blogs for her and then the FB group although I don't post much there. She has gifted me a Scarlet Letter sampler for each Christmas since we started. My current one is Elizabeth Shephard.


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