Friday, 3 July 2015

Friday night with friends....


Hello awesome friends!! 
It's omg! The first Friday of the month....  A wonderful time where I can blog hop about and see what everyone else is up to!

For me.... What have I been up to??

The 6 th of July is my parents 48 th wedding anniversary... Although I stupidly thought it was their 47 th! Hmmm you will see in a moment with what I made why I say stupidly!!

It took me forever and ever to find the design I wanted to stitch... Ha ha then after all that searching it was in my stash! It's a lovely little Bent Creek design called 'I Do' and it's so cute.  I did adapt if for my parents... 

See what you think??
Incidentally it's the first time I have finished something like this before...

It's ok.... Not happy with little bits here and there, but I am pleased I did it as it's something different.  So do you see the 47 now?! Ha ha never mind!  I have something in mind for my parents 59 th wedding anniversary, let's just hope this one lasts till then!! 

What else have I been doing?

Well lots actually!! Ha ha but some of it I cannot show you all as its a surprise!  I can however share with you all a little stitch indie for Mouse... It's ok she has recieved it now!  I stitched it way back in January... But only got around to posting it to her very recently, this was due to all my in's and outs of hospital.  I am thrilled she now has it!! 

Here it what I sent her,..




I am so happy Mouse likes it, and it's hanging in her craft room :). I knew it would find a way to her home sooner or later!

I do have other gifts to post out, but it's when I can arrange post office visits... Please be patient, and watch for your mail man!!

And what else have I been up to??

I was in the moon to sew.... A bit of creative sewing... I picked up my needle and some thread and just stitched what I was feeling... This was the outcome, so far..

Then I thought it needed some wildlife...

Ha ha so added a tiny bee!
I have no idea where I am going with this, it's just appearing...

It's almost JULY 4 th.... Here in England we don't celebrate this, as you all know!  But as I am stitching the Joyful Jornal series of months from Heart in Hand I thought it apt to show you all the recent finish I did of JULY... and Happy 4th!!

I did think I had not taken photos of the stitching journey, but yipppeeee I did!!

I am finding this series a fun stitch to do and stitch up pretty quickly too.

One last thing to say, Thank You... Sue for helping celebrate my birthday into July!! I love sheep as a lot of you know, look at this amazing hanky... It's adorable :)

Thank you for thinking of me :) xx

Ok I am going now... To do some stitching and hopping! Ha ha 
Big smiles to you all :) 


  1. Lovely finishes Jacquie.


  2. Cute designs :). I love the sheep hanky lol so adorable!

  3. More beautiful stitching..I am sure your Mum and Dad will love the stitchery you have done for them. Good to hear we have extended your birthday into July!! Lol!! Thought you might like some more sheep!!

  4. Lots of creative goodness! Love the little stitch you finished for cute!

  5. haha! Well, it would have been worse to stitch 45 instead, right? ;)
    Your floral creation is lovely.
    I like your July stitch.
    Take good care of yourself!

  6. Lovely stitching. Great anniversary work! Warm wishes to them! Flowers look great (daisy stitch and which one for yellow flowers?). Hugs

  7. Beautiful finishes - I'm sure your parents love the gift you made them.

  8. I love the hanky and that bunch of flowers you've stitched is adorable

  9. I think the gift to your parents is perfect! Happy Anniversary to your parents! I can see a whole lot of different colored flowers and different heights going across your fabric. Would make a very pretty pillow. Have a good day!

  10. Beautiful finishes, Jacquie, and so glad to see you back and blogging!

  11. I can see how the gift for your parents might be awkward but I am sure they appreciated the sentiment! I did love the little mouse gift....very sweet! I have been struggling with my cross stitch project lately....maybe I should go back to something smaller!

  12. Wonderful gift for your parents, I noticed that on the blog post before sitting on the sofa and wondered what it was, nice to see a close up and finished so beautifully, a special gift to treasure.

  13. Lots of nice stitching you have been working on. They will be lovely gifts.

  14. Deine Eltern haben sich bestimmt über so schöne Geschenke gefreut !
    Wirklich sehr schön gemacht, gefällt mir.
    Liebe Grüße

  15. I know your parents will love their beautiful stitched picture! How sweet!
    You are really talented with your designing...and that little bee just finishes off those beautiful flowers perfectly!!
    I'm loving your July stitch! You can be an honorary American!! haha

  16. I Do is such a sweet chart and you did a lovely job finishing it.


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