Thursday, 1 October 2015

wonderful day indeed....

Where has September gone?? Aaaaarrrrggghhhh I need to stitch my Heart in Hand Joyful Journal October design!! Eek!!!  Best I get onto that!

Hello wonderful friends :)

I was lucky enough to meet for a coffee with a fellow blogger today! With Susan (kiwi kid) and her husband David. A lovely sunny day but windy... Bad hair day lol!

I have shamelessly borrowed the photos from Susan's blog! As you can see Jon ventured out too! 

Jon and I as you all know are not in the best of health right now... We are both sitting on mobility scooters! Only way to travel these days! Lol. It enables us both to get out, and a lovely day it was too! 

Time flew so quickly, we seemed to chat and giggle for ages, I am so happy that Susan's and David popped by to see us both... I mean they are on holiday!! Thank you!! 

I did take along a little gift for Susan... 

The first one I have ever made too!  
Here is the journey of the cute bird sitting in its nest....

I found the design on the Internet, a wonderful freebie :)

Jon found out from somewhere that you can use cleaned plastic milk cartons.... To cut out templates! How cool is that! So I gave it a go! Oh the templates work really well.. I will do it again for sure! 

Lol I forgot to take photos of the actual stitching! So here it is assembled!

I hope Susan sticks many a pin into the happy birdie! 

Oooh so what else have I been up to!?  Are you all wondering??

Not sure what is happening with my creativity right now? It's all over the place! Lol I just am happy to dabble in a few things.  Oh don't worry I will plod on with the cross stitching!! Just love the experimenting phase I am having right now! 

I wanted to make something productive so decided to make myself a scissor keep... Can't believe I have never made one before! 

I found the design in one of my books...

This is how it turned out.... I love it!!

You have all probably noticed that it does not have Jacquie on there.... Ha ah it has my family Nick name... "Dora".  It's because I never closed doors ever! Lol

Then I moved onto something really experimental, applique with wool... Well I tried to get wool, virtually impossible so settled for a wool mix felt... Love the colours I chose :)

So now your all wondering what I made with this little lot?!

I am a member of a wool applique group and this was one of the free designs in the group, designed by Attic Heirlooms.

Early stages here, my naff photo skills make the pumpkin look yellow... Hmm it's not! 

My finished piece with some corn fabric I have... Maybe to surround it? Not sure how I am going to finish it yet, I did enjoy making it though.  Han came in to see what I was doing and went wow! So I think she likes it! Not bad I think for my first attempt!  I need to refine my skills and learn more stitches now... Lol I between all the other things I like to do right now! 

I am deciding wether to have themed weeks! One week of cross stitch, a week of patchwork and a week of applique....maybe? Gosh I am like a child in a sweet shop!! So many cool interesting things to learn!! 

Lol and now your wondering what I am up to?! Ha ha a little clue, and more next time I pop in!! 

Thank you all so much for popping in to see me :)

Big happy smiles to you all :) 


  1. Oh Jacquie, what pretty, pretty projects! Good for you. I was struck immediately by the fact that you are outside on this post! Hooray! I am so glad. :) Keep getting well my friend.

  2. Oh I'm so glad you were able to get out for a bit! Your projects are lovely I just adore the appliques. The bird came out great that's such a nice way to recycle!

  3. ooooo glad to see you got out and about and love that wee bird ... and wow indeed on the felt appliqué too... and just adore the scissor keep .... keep up the good work :) love mouse xxxxx

  4. Brilliant to see you were out and about, how wonderful for you both. Lovely pincushion bird you made. Your wool applique is great. Perhaps a "penny rug" finish may suit it and use as a runner or table topper. Keep up your crafting mojo, you do amazingly well. Shirley N.Z.

  5. Lovely finishes Jacquie.


  6. You have been busy! Glad to see you can get out and about. I'm a two-craft person and wool appliqué is #2! Your project is great. I can see the corn fabric bordering the crow on all four sides and then a totally different kind of fabric for the binding! Smiles back at you!

  7. It's great meeting fellow bloggers, isn't it!Nice to see you out and about!AriadnefromGreece!

  8. Glad you had a great day out with your friend. That bird you made her is adorable

  9. What a great outing! And the little bird is so sweet - your stitching is lovely - super cute projects!!!

  10. You have been busy! Nice to see you're getting out, and what fun to meet Susan.

  11. I love my little bird...don't know if I can stick pins in it though, is too cute!!!! Thank you very much...thank you too to you and Jon for coming out to meet us, it was just wonderful to meet you and you are the happy smiling lovely person I knew from your blog!!! Your wool work is amazing...keep up the creating, you are aking some wonderful things. Go Dora! Love the scissor keep too.

  12. What a sweet little,birdie, so beautifully made. Lovely to see you and Jon out and about with friends too, especially on such a sunny day. Mobility scooters are a wonderful invention especially in pedestrian areas, there's so much space to manoeuvre them around!
    I love all your different crafts but I am just imagining an ATOS interview "Now, Ms Dora France, what are the barriers to you finding work?" "Well, Mr ATOS, I'm have too many craft projects I must complete, my followers are relying on me to provide them with interesting and informative blog posts of all my stitching!"
    Permission granted to continue your good work.

  13. Cup of coffee with good friends is the best !!!
    Surely you've enjoyed doing great!
    Have you prepared a nice gift!

  14. Such sweet projects you have been working on. Love the birdie pincushion. That turned out so cute! Your applique project looks great. I've been wanting to learn how to do hand applique myself. Need more hours in the day.

    Glad you had a great time with your friends.


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