Friday, 5 February 2016

Hopping and it's not Easter yet!

Hello wonderful happy friends :)

Feeling worn out and pretty tired, but wanted to show you all what I have been up to! 

I was hopping visiting blogs and popped in to see dear Cucki's! So lovely to see you posting again :) I saw this adorable cute SAL she had joined and thought to myself.... Why not! Ha ha

The SAL is HERE if you want to go see... It's adorable :) 

Yes I started it!! And caught up...waiting for the next one out now...

I am stitching this on 30 count natural linen with DMC threads 2 over 2.  It's very sweet and stitches up quickly.

I also squeezed in a little stitching on the Gathering Honey design... This one if your not familiar...

And this is where I left off yesterday..

And managed to do some outlining ready for me to stitch the garden in...

I was hoping to of got more done, but I had to go to the hospital so see the knee consultant.  Hmmmm let's say I am not overly impressed about the visit.  It was a formality more than anything.  I was offered coretzone  injections to help with the pain but for me that is a HUGE no no.  For many reasons, I take fragmin blood thinner injections daily and there is a risk of an internal bleed if he injects into my knee.  A risk I was not prepared to take.  Also I have a major and I mean major fear of any needles going anywhere near my knee... This is all due from a&e last year trying to extract knee fluid... I have never felt such an excruciating pain before, I have never screamed like I did ever for that!! So no!! No injections in my knee!! My mum tells me that coretzone injections sometimes don't work and wear off too.. And they were not prepared to do top up injections until 3 months had passed! So why why why!! Would I put myself through all that stress?? Not happening!! Back to the drawing board! That means waiting!! Ha ha 

I want to say a HUGE BIG thank you to Han... My daughter for those who don't know! She accompanies me to all my hospital visits.  Lately she has been my rock and I appreciate everything she does to help me, thank you Han!! ( just because I know she stalks my blog! Ha ha )

Ok... Back to the stitching to keep me sane!!
Until I next pop in...big smiles to all of you :)


  1. You're ready for fall with your stitching! It looks great. I'm sorry they couldn't do anything useful for your knee.

  2. Well at least you're taking another step forward?!? Your stitching looks great though! Good job Han!

  3. Oh boy thank goodness you have the stitching!!!! Bless Han, she is wonderful!! Your stitching is looking great such good progress on Gathering Honey and the little blocks are very cute!!

  4. I joined the Sal too after seeing it on Cucki's blog! I've yet to start though! You've done marvellously to catch up already. The outlining on gathering honey makes such a difference to.

  5. Hello dear your sal stitch is looking so sweet and I am glad that we stitching together :)
    Beautiful wip
    Big hugs x

  6. Beautiful stitching on both pieces Jacquie but what's happened to the bucket of doooooo?! Sorry to hear about your knee.

  7. Our medical issues are such trials, aren't they?! Hannah is such a loving daughter.

  8. What a sweet SAL. I'd love to join in, but I'm a mad woman trying to complete my step-granddaughter's Christmas stocking. It's HUGE....(it looked smaller on the internet - HA!). Sorry to hear about your visit to the specialist. I hope you can find some relief soon. Don't forget to pop over to my blog and enter my first week giveaway, if you like. There will be for each week of February. Hugs from me to you, sweet Jacquie!

  9. Sorry this visit didn't work out!And now what?AriadnefromGreece!

  10. I'm so sorry they still have no solutions for you. Lovely stitching as always

  11. The garden piece looks very interesting and beaitifully stitched ..So sorry for your knee problems .I can share YOUR PAIN

  12. Oh Jaquie: I hope you can get your knee fixed soon, love the stitching projects that ABC SAL looks like a real sweety.



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