Friday, 19 February 2016

Just love stitching!

Hello happy smiley friends :)

I am no better really, still very tired and exhausted.... Only now I am functioning at a slower pace! 

I have found something else I can eat!! Yipppeee!! I have a very limited diet right now with all my stomach issues so finding something else is awesome! 

Petite pois and butter beans! Oh with a sprinkle of fresh ground black pepper! Mmmm

Slower but still stitching!

I have been stitching buzzzzing bees on the Gathering Honey design.

Here is where I left off last time, only two bees.

Then... More bees!

The bees look simple enough, quick you may think?! No! Each bees actually takes me around an hour! It's rediculas the amount of colour changes in one bee... Oh but I love how they look!  This means the whole bottom part of the design is complete now! I think I will carry on going up the right side now...the flowers look so pretty.

I have been stitching more!! 

More on the stunning Scarlet Letter design Mary Gail.  It's a rather silly but it was calling me to stitch her! Ha ha well actually it was looking at me from the cupboard, it was feeling neglected so I decided to put a few stitches in! Mary Gail is stitched on 45 count linen and takes a lot of my concentration to stitch.  I love stitching her but cannot do much with feeling so tired too, so I have been stitching her in small bursts! Hour here, hour there that type of thing! It's kind of working for now :)

Here is where I last left Mary Gail...

Here is where I am now...

I have chosen to outline all the parts in the mound first so that I am sure it's right! Ha ha then once all the flowers are in I will fill them in! It's moving along nicely and I am pleased with my progress today :)

Oooh yes!!
Remember a few days ago I posted a review for some fresh flowers from the Orchard at Tesco? No? Oh... Not to worry just go back a few days and you will see it! That's if you missed it :)

I was excited to see in my email that I was awarded exceptional for the review! Go me!! 

One last thing to leave you all with... This is potentially Hans new hair colour! Or colours! Ha ha I saw it online and showed her and now she wants it! Ha ha it's called unicorn hair! 

Han loves experimenting with her hair colour, why not! She has been purple, pink, silver, blue and now presently sporting orange! 

Then this status normal! Ha ha 

Ok happy smiles to you all...
Until I next pop in, keep smiling :)


  1. Dinner looks good and you've made great progress on your stitching. Feel better.

  2. Wonderful progress on your stitching Jacquie.


  3. Wonderful stitching progress, so good to read you have found something you can eat and that your digstive system likes!!!! Loving those bees, amazing they take so much time, they are so worth it though. Well dkne for the exceptional review!! Do you get free flowers now? That new colour for Hans hair is amazing! Love the can see her for miles!! Lol!!

  4. Great progress! Love the new hair colors :)

  5. Ooo she should do the one on the right! I wish I could do mine but my current job forbids it. Your stitching is looking great and yay more foods! I hate peas but I'm glad they're working :). They have lots of sugar too so that should help with weight!

  6. Aww yummy dinner ..looks yummy..
    Love your stitching and you looking awesome in the picture..yayyyy
    Love and smiles x

  7. The bees are looking amazing, worth all the time spent on them.
    I'm laughing at Tescos visiting your blog to read the review and thinking "who is this woman? She's exceptional for sure!"
    Great idea for Mary Gail too, it will really help with your placement. It's Nicola's Birthday today and we've made a few changes to the FB group, expanding it to cover other reproductions. Hope you like it!

  8. ps Han should go for the unicorn hair, it will look amazing on her, but wait until the orange grows out!

  9. I love the new hair Han will do!AriadnefromGreece!

  10. Nice job on both of your projects.

  11. It's always the bits that at first glance look easy that take an age. Looks lovely though. You've done loads on Mary Gail too. Looks lovely. Hans hair is amazing in orange but she should totally do the unicorn look. I so want the one on the right! Pics please if she has it done.

  12. I shared the update pictures with Brian, as he is the one who got the pattern off to you in the mail at the Post Office. It sure looks great Jacquie!
    The unicorn colors are fab!

  13. Love your projects, especially the Gathering Honey. Those bees are worth the time, they look so lovely. Hope you continue to feel better and find more things you can eat.

  14. Nice progress. Those hair colors look great, love the unicorn one but orange is nice too. Han looks lovely. xxx

  15. Stopped here and was fascinated with all: crafts, humour and hair colours. :) Thank you for my mood!
    Greetings from Hungary

  16. Well done on the Tesco award. you do write a good review.
    The bees do look good, a wonderful design.

  17. I love Gathering Honey. I enjoyed it when I was stitching it. I need to get it framed. My local grocery store also has fresh flowers. I will have to get me some. Your blog post was very motivating.

  18. Jaquie: Love your stitching Gathering Honey is so pretty, I still have the Magazine with the pattern in it.
    Scarlet Letter is almost done I bet you are excited.
    I lover fresh flowers Daisy are my favorite.



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