Monday, 8 February 2016

How does your garden grow?.....

Hello wonderful happy smiley friends....

I have had a relaxing stitching weekend! Sounds like I have been somewhere!! No! I assure you all I never left my bed! Ha ah 

Stitching is such a happy thing to do... I love it!!

So want to see what I have been doing?? 

Wondering how my garden is growing??

I am still stitching Gathering Honey, I am stitching is design on 22 count antique white fabric 1 over 1 with DMC threads. And the chart was kindly gifted to my from Vickie (stitchers story blog). 

This is the design...

Here is where I was on my last post... Just done the outlining...

I was itching to start the flower and veg beds... They looked so lovely, all those colours..

Then more!!

How cute are those turnips? 

Then more...
This is where I am now!! 
I love it!! 

My favourite bit... It was fun stitching all those French knots! 

Oh my!! I am usless at taking photos!! Ha ha. You all know that! Maybe this one is a little clearer?

So tomorrow..ha ha I should say later, I will be stitching the next step... Maybe some lettering and words? Eeeeeekk exciting!! 

Oh but that's not all I got up to!! You may recall I joined a little abc SAL? I put a little link in my margin if you want to go see or even join in! Three parts have been released now... And new parts released every two weeks now.  It's a rather cute SAL and I am enjoying it lots too :)

Here are the three parts so far...
I am stitching this on 30 count natural linen 2 over 2 with DMC threads. Yes I changed some of the colours, went with what I had in my stash.

So it's technically Monday now! Haha have a lovely week!! 
I will plod on with the stitching.. A quiet week here, no appointments and not going anywhere! So you know what that means??? Plenty of stitching!! Ha ha 

It's currently just gone 5 am... I am still awake, I have terrible insomnia.  I have tried all the usual techniques of relaxing, nothing! I don't stitch all through the night! I am not super human! Ha ah I am roughly only sleeping around 4 hours a day right now.  I guess my body does not need the sleep, when it does I will drift off! Being awake all this time I think, well not much else to do! Thinking...hmmm yes!! I have decided to do something rather drastic... All will become clear one I finish Gathering Honey.  I need to finish that design before embarking on a BIG job! Ha ha well why not, it's not like I am going anywhere soon! 

Have a good week :)

Until I next pop in, keep smiling :)


  1. Wow!Wow!Wow!! You have done so much on your garden!! Looks amazing Jacquie!!! Can understand how you get excited by it!! Happy stitching this week.

  2. Awesome progress Jacquie. You are so close to another finish.


  3. Your French knots are so pretty lol mine are terrible! Mine were for snow though so at least each snowflake was unique! Lovely progress I'm excited to see what your new one is!

  4. Lovely progress Jacquie! It's not my taste at all but it looks so pretty. I think that's one of the things I really like about blogging - admiring other people's stitching even if not something I would choose to stitch myself.
    Looking forward to seeing your BIG project soon!

  5. Loving your stitching looks amazing .
    Lovely SAL I am working on this one too.

  6. THIS is why I was so happy to gift you with the pattern. I knew you would stitch it up right away. I am always sad when I give someone a pattern and then never see it stitched by them.
    How does Jon sleep with you awake in bed?!

  7. Great progress in both your projects. Looks like I've fallen behind on your blog again.

  8. Beautiful progress my dear x

  9. What beautiful gardens you have made here and already moving on! What I love best from this design is the clowers in the outer edge. Anyway it's bad you can't sleep but maybe it's exactly what you say your body does not need it that much since you don't move. What are you planning to stitch next, I am so looking forward to see !AriadnefromGreece!

  10. What great progress. OK...I think you have me hooked to join in on the SAL. It's too adorable to pass up. Thank you

  11. What a cute little garden you have there Jacquie!!

  12. Gathering honey is looking so lovely, you've made fantastic progress. I joined the ABC SAL too, I love your colour changes. The blue is so striking. I'm thinking of adding a bit of deep red to coordinate with another sampler I've done.

  13. I knew you'd be super speedy with this one! It does look beautiful.
    The mini alphabet looks great too.

  14. What a fast stitcher you are! It looks awesome.


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