Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Lucky me!

Hello happy smiley friends :)

It's true lately I have not been feeling too well.... A lovely pick me up came in the post and I was thrilled!! It was Orchard vouchers for fresh flowers.

Some of you may not know but I every now and then test products and foods for free, yes for free!! with The Orchard at Tesco. 

Basically I get to try hand picked Tesco experiences, services and products and all I do in return is write a report giving my honest opinion. In case your wondering, I don't get paid for testing products either! I do it for the fun and it's nice to think my opinion counts.

The program I was invited into was Fresh Flowers from Tesco.  Who does not love flowers!!?? I was thrilled... 

You all know my health has suffered lately and being house bound is no joke...very boring at times! Han (daughter)  said I needed cheering up so some how we managed to get to Tesco with some help! Han went in and luckily they have mobility scooters and I was able to wiz around the store! Hee hee 

Yes we decided to do a top up shop whilst there... But the main reason was to look at the fresh flowers! If I am totally honest when I have been in the store on other occasions I have always by passed the fresh flowers.  Oh, I love fresh flowers so it's beyond me as to why I had always done that! I guess I had never thought about buying fresh flowers in Tesco! I glided by the fresh flowers and WOW! The draft I was causing with the scooter wafted all the fresh flowers and I was in heaven! 

Here are some of the flowers... I have Han to thank for all the photos! :)

How could I choose??!!

There were fresh flowers in such beautiful colours and arrangements... Actually really pretty and lovely smelling too! 

What did I choose?....

And I got Han a bunch of pretty carnations too...naturally pink!  I was pleasantly surprised at the range of prices for the fresh flowers.  There was a large selection to choose from and every bunch I picked up I cold see they were fresh and oozed quality.  

When we got home Han popped them into vases and WOW! They looked beautiful! Filled my room with the lovliest smell..

I thought I would wait a while to do a review on my blog for a good reason.... I wanted to see how long the flowers would last! Nothing worse than buying (or sampling free in this case!) fresh flowers and they die or droop after a day or two.

Let me tell you I am so happy to tell you all that all our flowers are still looking as lovely as ever some 7 days later!! Seriously impressed!!

Here are mine 7 days later.. The colours are beautiful, and all the freesias are open now.

And Hans fresh flowers 7 days along....

The care guide with the fresh flowers were easy to follow and Han has changed the water once since putting them in the vases.  To say that we are both thrilled that they look and smell as good as the day we chose them is an understatement! 

Naturally when my parents came to visit, that's been a few times over the last couple of days! Every time my mum has been so jealous that my fresh flowers are still alive, looking and smelling good! Mum was quite surprised when I told her they were from Tesco! And guess where she popped into on her way home??!! Ha ha yes! She went and got some fresh flowers! Awesome! 

I cannot get over the fact that I have overlooked the fresh flowers!! I must have a screw loose! It's brilliant as now when I can get to my local Tesco I will make a bee line for the fresh flowers...just because! Who needs a special day to buy flowers? Ha ha not me! And for those days I cannot get to the store I will instruct Han to buy me a bunch or two of the fresh flowers..a lovely surprise! 

I understand some of you that visit my blog do not live in England, shame as your missing out on such wonderful fresh flowers! 

Thank you for popping in and taking time to read my review, I would love to read any comments you have :)

Until my next post...keep smiling :)


  1. Oh so beautiful flowers! I would have chosen that pink combination bouquet!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. You picked my favourites yellow roses and freesias. just the thing to cheer you

  3. So many to choose from and good to see such a range of prices too...wonderful they have lasted! I used to pick roses from the garden, love the perfume and here the fressias are growing wild down by the park, so I gather handfuls of them in the spring, just love the perfume!! The smell from the flowers in your house must be wonderful.

  4. You are a lucky girl, do enjoy them..

  5. How lovely! When I lived in England I used to buy beautiful flowers in the supermarkets:) I really miss that, especially since buying fresh flowers in Sweden is MUCH MORE expensive and not a treat I can afford these days...

  6. They all are gorgeous. You know I love Hannah's bouquet a lot. ;)

  7. These are so beautiful...and, I'm sure, very cheering. I love fresh flowers, though I don't get them often. They really lift me up and look so pretty in our home. Take care, Jacquie.

  8. It's lovely to have fresh flowers in the house and these look gorgeous.

    I used to work in a fruit and veg shop that also sold flowers. On Bank Holiday weekends we were allowed to buy the leftover stock cheaply because the shop would be shut for two days. Mum always got a big bunch of flowers those weekends!

  9. well they sure brightened your week.........beautiful..........glad you managed to get out and about.............

  10. Great choices they're really pretty! It's making me want to go buy some! Not from there of course since we don't have them but maybe I'll get some the next time I'm at the market.

  11. very pretty. I love fresh flowers in the house too.

  12. Beautiful flowers. Freesias are my favourite and Tesco's always last a long time. I bet your home smelled wonderful.


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