Thursday, 25 February 2016

Slowly does it!

Hello happy friends!!

Thought I had better pop in before you all think I have gone AWOL! Hee hee

My energy levels are very very low still with no sign of improving, so I am trying to cope...rather re-adjust around them! I am tired and very sleepy a lot, as well as not having much patience, not a good combination for stitching really.  But I have been putting the odd stitch in here and there when I can. 

Jon and Han are amazing and have been trying to reintroduce foods to me... It's a difficult process as I am still being very sick.  We have all come to the conclusion that dairy products are a huge no no! No chocolate! No yogurts! No milk! No cheese! It's a nightmare! I keep trying.. I need to because I actually love food!! It just does not like me at the moment! 

So stitching... 

No big big changes, I will show you what I have been up to... Some stitches are better than none! 

The ABC little SAL released the next design, it's adorable! If you like it, there is a little link in my side bar   go take a look! 

It's J K and L ....

What I have so far...

It's an adorable happy sal and I am so pleased I joined in on it.  

Next ....

Mary Gail, the wonderful Scarlet Letter design had a few stitches, but my concentration was not up to it.  I will keep trying as I am so close to finishing this soon.

This is how it was last time I showed you...

And what I managed..

Let me tell you, that blue flower was harder than it looks! I am pleased I stuck with it enough to do the flower as I would of been mad with myself the next time I pick it up! Slow but steady :)

And finally, to share with you the lovely Gathering Honey design...

This is how it was last time I showed you...

How it is now...

Yes I decided to take a different direction and stitch all the edges... Not sure why I decided upon this really? I this as to me it showed the whole design and I guess with my slightly odd way of thinking, it would be a easier way to stitch?! Ha ha some logic! 

Oooh yes... Not sure you all are aware of the size of this design I am stitching? I took a photo of my stitching scissors in the middle for a kind of scale? 

It's because I have stitched it over one I think? I believe it's 22 count I am stitching on... I like it a lot!! I hope you all do too? Again slow but steady progress... I just have to fill it in now! 

Thank you all so so much for popping in to see me..and welcome to all the new followers! 

Right.... I am popping off now! Until I next pop in, remember ....... Keep smiling!! Xx


  1. Hang in's got to get better for you.........

  2. Oh my--so sorry you aren't up to feeling well! Hope you're better soon!
    Your stitching is lovely!

  3. Lovely stitching Jacquie. Hang in there. Things will get better.


  4. There has to be a food that agrees with you!!! Keep searching!! Your stitching is looking lovely, hope,things pikc up for you very soon. Xx

  5. Hang in there my dear
    Things will get better
    Love you x

  6. I hope you're feeling better very soon!
    Beautiful stitching, if that's any consolation:)

  7. Oh dear Jacquie. Your diet won't be all that bad. It sounds exactly like a vegan diet. Brian and I eat that way during the many, many fasts throughout our Orthodox year. Have you tried almond milk?
    Gathering Honey is looking so splendid. HUGS

  8. It looks lovely!So you stitched it over one and it became smaller than the model piece right?AriadnefromGreece!

  9. Sorry you are not feeling well and not eating. Hope it all improves soon. The garden is looking wonderful.

  10. Sorry to hear you are off your food. Vickie's suggestion of Almond Milk might be worth a try.
    Gathering Honey is so small compared to mine! It looks amazing. Good idea to stitch the whole border, it was probably easier than the fiddly bits inside!

  11. It's a good job you joined Ele's SAL for some simple stitching as you're really challenging yourself with those two larger pieces! Everything looks great. Your stitching over one on 22 count is so neat!
    Sorry to hear you're still so poorly.

  12. The smalls sal looks lovely. I'm yet stitch block 4. The blue on Mary Gail is a glorious shade. I can imagine was a lot of counting too. Gathering honey looks great with the borders done you get s proper sense of size. Take care and I really hope things start to pick up soon for you.

  13. I hope you find something that works soon. I slept for 16 hours last night so I'm right there with you! You've made amazing progress mine has pretty much come to a standstill in the last week. Maybe try a hard cheese if you haven't yet? A lot of the sugar has been aged out of it so it may help.

  14. Hope you feel better soon dear friend.
    What a blessing you have your stitching to take your mind away .
    Hugs and xxx .

  15. Lovely stitching, always.
    Take care of yourself, my friend.


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