Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Love, love, love it!! And a lovely giveaway!

Hello happy smiley people!!
I put love, love, love it as my post header as today's post will be full of love!! :) hee hee

Your first dose of love will be something rather wonderful... Oh yes!! It's a 'lovely' giveaway hosted by Kim from Wisdom With Needle And Thread blog.  Kim is having a celebration of giveaways!! Make sure you join in the fun!!

HERE is the link to her blog :)

This weeks giveaway is rather lovely indeed (I borrowed her photo to show you all!) 

Hop hop hop off to Kim's blog :) remember if your not in it, you can't win it! I would love to know who said that! Or rather who thought of it?! Very true though!!

Second dose of something lovely.... 

Well it's what I am stitching!! I LOVE IT! But of course I do!! You all know that already! Hee hee

It's the 'lovely' design Gathering Honey :)

I last showed you all my hee hee lovely garden..

So now... Yes I have been stitching and am really loving every stitch if this beautiful design... 

Then some more....

Then I had a dilemma, where to start? Which corner? I opted for the bottom left as the bees are the closest there and I cannot wait to stitch them!! 

And must tell you all how much I love the colour pallet for Gathering Honey.... Such pretty pretty colours. I 'love' colour!!

And I love... Hee hee my stitching area.. I get to create my own corner of mess! Ha ha there is my foot! Ha ha 

Something I must share with you all... Something Han shared with me today via picture messaging when she went out earlier! Oh it's still on the theme of love, but it's something Han loves!! 

Caramel latte with cream and caramel sauce! Way way way too sweet for me!! But she loves it, so I thought why not!! Ha ha 

It's been a rather odd post from me, right?! Ha ha 

I thought love would be a good word to share seeing as it's almost Valentine's Day! Sure I could add many many more things I love but I don't want to bore you all!! Ha ha 

I think I have killed the word love and lovely now! Well for a short while anyway! Haha ha

Until my next post, happy smiles to you all, remember to pop in and see Kim!!


  1. Lovely post lol. The beehive is coming out great and I must say I love me some sweet coffee drinks too :)

  2. Awesome post and progress Jacquie.


  3. Wonderful post of loveliness Jacquie! You are doing so well with the gathering honey....will be finished before you know it!!!

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  5. I'll try again with a new comment...you've poured so much love into gathering honey. I can't believe how much you've done. The colour palette is lovely - I love working with colour too. I'm looking forward to seeing the bottom right corner of flowers grow. Happy stitching.

  6. YOU my friend have TURBO needles! Woo hoo! You rock Jacquie! This is looking so gorgeous! ooOoo! Han's drink looks really yummy.

  7. Love the gathering honey piece. My son is a bee keeper and I love all things bees!

  8. Jacquie, your progress is amazing. I LOVE this piece - HA! (And thank you for mentioning my give away).

  9. It's turning out greatly! The cross stitch piece I mean! And I am in a mood for latte too now!LOL!AriadnefromGreece!

  10. So much love pouring out of my computer right now! And lovely photos too.
    Great progress.

  11. You are a speedy stitcher! It's really looking great! Such a fun chart!


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