Friday, 12 February 2016

More bzzzzzzzing about! Ha ha

Hello happy smiley friends I am so happy to be here :)

I have been stitching away and loving every stitch :)

I guess you all want to see what I have been doing then? Hee hee

Yes done more on my Gathering Honey, I adore where I am now, stitching little bees.  They are very time consuming and so many stitches in each one!!

Here is where I was on my last post...

Here is where I am am now... Bzzzzzz bzzzzzzz


It's so lovely and coming together now. I must say I have frogged the honey comb a few times! It's just messing with my eyes, but doing it in smaller chunks now and seems to be working out much better.

And I have stitched more..... Remember the Snowflower Diaries? There is the most cutest SAL (link in my side bar) I had to join.

March has just been released so I stitched it and here it is... 

January, February and March together....waiting for April now!

I love how they cute :)

I have also been doing some other...yes other!! Stitching..

This... Just something about bees!!

It's from Cross Stitch Collection magazine.. February 2016 issue. This one...and you can see the bee design I did in the top right corner.

Whilst stitching, it was a lovely design to do...

Before I made it into a pin cushion...

I stitched this cute bee and think it's adorable that I may actually do it again!! 

Oooh yes!! I have also done a little frogging! Remember the other cute little SAL ABC that I am doing too? (Link in side bar) well I was looking at it and just not happy with one of the I changed it!! 

Here is how it did look....

Here is how it looks now....

A liitle change, but I am happier now! Oh you can't see the changes? Here is a close up...

I changed the acorn leaf and the stem of the flower! Ha ha that's all but I am much happier now :)

Nothing much really happening here! Just me stitching and stitching!! 

I hope your all well and ooooh yes...

Big big big happy smiles to you all :)



  1. Wow you were so quick to stitch up the March block, it looks gorgeous.

  2. Phew, thank goodness you put up a closeup and explanation of the changes to your stitching, I was looking and looking....must be going blind!!! Very nice changes! You are so speedy with your stitching Jacquie!!! Love the Bee pin cushion, that looks amazing...and of course the bees on Gathering Honey! You are doing so well keeping up with the sew alongs which are also beautiful!! Well done you!!!

  3. Awesome progress on everything! I love the March design who doesn't love little duckies? :). I think the honeycomb would drive me nuts lol good luck with the rest! It took a while for me to see the color changes lol but once I did I like them a lot better. Great job soon your house will be filled with stitchy bees :)

  4. Bzzzz! I love the blackwork honeycomb on both those pieces - very effective! I'm so tempted by the Snowflower Diaries SAL too, each one is more gorgeous than the last.
    Lovely stitching!

  5. You are a little buzy bee, no wonder you are enjoying stitching bee's .
    Beautiful stitching love every thing hugs.

  6. Wowee! I need to get a move on!!!! Love, love, LOVE the bee pin cushion. (Can you tell how much I love it? 😍)

  7. Yay! Gathering Honey is looking so fab Jacquie. YOU are one busy, busy, little bee! Your pincushion finish looks finer than the one in the magazine.

  8. Everything looks "bee"utiful! I might have Gathering Honey and after seeing how wonderful it looks, I think I have to look for it!

  9. I love all the bees! Beautiful work!

  10. I am getting ready to stitch March today. Your stitching looks great and I adore that bee. I have not seen that magazine.

  11. It really is very springlike on your blog with March and all the bees coming out!
    Beautiful work as always.

  12. Jacquie, so many beautiful embroidery! Bees theme really like!

  13. Your Gathering Honey looks great. I have stitched this one and enjoyed it also. Love all of your other projects.

  14. Wow you are making such progress on your gathering honey. Great job on your other bee and March.

  15. So much beautiful stitching. I love the honeycomb in gathering honey. I agree with some of the other comments your bee pin cushion looks better than the magazine. You've done such a lovely job with it.
    The snowflower sal just gets lovelier each month. It's going to be a big piece when it's finished. Have a lovely stitchy weekend x

  16. Lovely stitching! The bees look so great and your pin cushion too. Hugs

  17. Buzz buzz.... lots of lovely stitching. Your March SAL does look nice, you stitched that up quickly.

  18. You have been stitching so much great! Finished the stork already? I just started it!AriadnefromGreece!

  19. You always inspire me Jacquie, and now since I just stopped in once again and saw all your latest....I am headed to my stitching room! Love you lots.


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