Thursday, 3 March 2016

In need of help....

Oh boy! Do I need help! Ha ha 
Hello happy friends! 

This may be a bit long winded... If you just want to see the stitching....scroll down :)

I went to see the gastrologist yesterday to see if he can help me figure out what's happening to me.  Regarding the severe bloating I have and the constant sickness from eating.  I will let you all know now I was so upset after that appointment I was on the verge of ending it all.  It was only Han talking to me that knocked sense into me and made me realise it's not the answer.  

The doctor did not listen to me, he did not want to know anything about my symptoms...Han and I tried to explain what I had been going though and well he just kept changing the subject. There is nothing worse that a doctor not listening to you.... I live in my body, I know what has been happening to me!! He did agree to test me for coeliac disease, with a blood test.  He wanted to send me back to the dieticians to try foods... They did try me on things, nothing worked! They could not help me and sent me to him!! He did not listen nor believe anything I was saying to him... I got increasingly frustrated and in the end after he was shouting at me I burst into tears.  I was in my wheelchair in his office so felt really trapped... I told Han to get me out of his office quickly as I did not want to stay, how dare he upset me. Han took me out of the office and I was so upset I was hyperventilating, eventually I calmed down. The blood person came and took blood off me, so at least that test was done! 

Moving forward I have no idea what is going to happen now.. I just feel so alone and feel the doctors are passing me from one place to another.  Someone needs to help me, I am struggling every day to cope with what is happening to me.  I cannot eat a full meal, the types of foods I eat is small as a lot of food upsets my stomach and makes me sick.  It was suggested I try going totally gluten free and dairy/lactose free to see if it helps my symptoms.  I am already meat free as I don't eat meat, egg free and onion free... Fish is no good either, just makes me have stomach cramps and really ill.... Tofu is awful and to be honest restricting my diet more frightens me.
 So I will be all of these..

It's going to be tough.  Han has said she will help me, we need to find out if making these changes helps me and enables me to eat food.

We come up with a list of ok foods.... That I know I will eat...

All vegetables
All fruits
All salad items
Brown rice
Tinned tomatoes
Rice crackers
Plain popcorn
Sunflower seeds

That's basiaclly it!! Does not seem a lot but will be with the vegetables... So if you have any food recipie suggestions, please please leave a comment. If it's not on that list I cannot eat it! 

Enough of that stressful stuff!! 
Onto the stitching!! 

My stitching is pretty much the only thing, seriously the only thing keeping me sane right now.  I have managed to stitch more on Gathering Honey....

Here is where I was on my last post...

And now, before outline...

After outline, it's amazing what a bit of outlining does!

Here is where I am ...

The end is in sight!! Once I finish the flowers in that corner it's onto the bees... Eeeeeeek!! 

So that's what I have been up to! 
I know some of you are just here to look at what crafts I get up to... Thank you for popping in :). My blog is a sounding board for me to use, and for me to make sense of things that happen in my life too.  I appreciate that some don't want to know how I am health wise, that's ok too... I am me, and I hope you pop in just because you like to, that's great if you do because I like you visiting me! 

Until I next pop in.... Keep smiling :) 


  1. Love your stitching.

    Now I suggest you forget that ass of a doctor, they know nothing. Can you eat fish or chicken. They are not meat as beef and pork is. What about pasta,, your know spagetti and noodles and such. What about tuna and salmon? Can you eat those. Just hoping to help. hugs Lynda Ruth. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    1. No... No meat, I don't eat it. As for fish, no it does not like me, makes me rather poorly. Pasta just bloats me more and I suffer with stomach pains and them am ill or sit on the loo for ages! It's rediculas what I actually can eat... Thank you so much for your comment xx
      Smiles :)

  2. First the easy part, your stitching is fab! So lovely! Almost there now.
    Next, a big HUG for you! We care very much about YOU, not just patterns,fabric and floss!
    Okay, now since Brian and I have become Orthodox, we fast. A LOT. We are coming up on a fast starting shortly that lasts til May 1st, so living on certain foods long term is very doable. We eat only vegan diet. You can eat sunflower seeds, that would tell me you can most likely eat nuts then? How about peanut butter? Doesn't have to be on bread. You can use margarine I bet. We eat very many rice and pasta dishes with all sorts of beans. I am so glad Han is going to help you in this.

  3. Jacquie, I am sorry that you feel bad: - (((
    Good thing you carry Han. It's a great daughter !!!
    I keep our fingers. I'll be glad when everything turns for the better!
    Your embroidery is beautiful. I believe you that you supplied the power.
    I send cordial greetings to you!

  4. Sorry to hear of your continued health troubles. The diet is definitely worth a try. If it works you can try reintroducing food groups one at a time and see if you have any reaction. You'll know then what is causing all the issues.
    Lovely stitching as well by the way!

  5. ohhhh kkkkkk ... right well first things first .. wooo hoo on the stitching...
    secondly ... put a massive complaint to the hospital about the DR nooo way should they be shouting at you ....
    thirdly ... yoou can make soup out of the vegetables and also add the lentils ... you can make a veggie curry ( can send you one mushy pea curry ...sounds yuck but fabulous girl
    can you have gluten free pasta ?? it could be the wheat that is stopping you from being able to eat it .... I can come up with all sorts of recipes from your list :) love mouse xxxxx

  6. Your Gathering Honey is amazing Jacquie, younare doing a beautiful job!! Can you go to a naturopath? I go to one and have more success there with my digestive problems than any Dr I have visited. One told me to go home, have a drink of water and calm down, patronising @#@##@×#!!!! I went on a very basic diet rice and veges for a few weeks and then slowy started introducing other things. I don't have gluten, caffine, yellow hard cheese, dairy, lactose, chocolate, tomato, it is strange the things that set you off!!!! Basically now I eat whole foods, meat fish veges, no more than 2 pieces of fruit a day, nothing preprepared. There is a lot of gluten free stuff in the supermarkets over there but it all seems to have palm oil in it which is a bad oil for us to be eating!!! Ihave any gf recipes so will get some to you to have a look at. Hang in there....there is light at theend of the tunnel!!! xx

  7. That Dr you saw was very very unprofessional and should not be doing what he is doing if that is how he treats people. Yay for bloggin friends to the rescue!!!

  8. Oh, Jacquie - I'm so sorry to hear of your experience with that doctor. I'm not sure why he's a doctor if he's not compassionate and doesn't want to help people in pain. I truly hope you can find a diet that works for you. I know the majority of your bloggy friends care for you and share in your struggles. Bless Han...what a wonderful daughter you have!
    Ok....stitching....yours is magnificent. Keep those needles flying.

  9. So very, very sorry you're feeling so bad! It's really no fun, I'm sure!
    Han will be a great help to you, and sweet company.

  10. Feel better soon. So sad about your doctor. Hope the change in diet helps.

  11. Wow, your project is really coming along nicely. Oh my, I'm so sorry to read about the so called doctor. Can you see someone else? Can you report him for the way he treated you? Sorry I have no suggestions about your diet as I eat what I want.

  12. Can you eat honey? If so honey with fruit is good. If not you can find a lot of good vegan recipes. Possibly some vegan restaurants near you? I love roasted asparagus with a bit of oil and salt and my favorite is boiled artichoke dipped in a garlic aioli but you can also use some oil with salt. That really sucks that happened you definitely need to find a new dietitian! What an ass. Your stitching is looking great!

  13. First of all stop accusing yourself for being sick. Then what if you tried another doctor?A more understanding good person who can help you? He might give you the same advice as this one but at least he will do it in a better way. Since you can eat all fruit and vegetables try raw salads with lots of different things inside, also cooked meals like peas with a little bit of oil and tomato and potatoes.And relax!AriadnefromGreece!

  14. I thought some naughty words for your doctor! If that had happened over here, boy there would've been hell raised. Social media (does the hospital have a facebook or twitter?) makes all sorts of noise and I'm not afraid to use it if I've been wronged. :)

    I hope you like beans! Lentils are great but I am a total bean lover. Quinoa is gluten-free and makes a fantastic mixture with black beans, corn, and tomatoes (hot or cold)... and pretty much whatever else I have in the fridge. Same with rice, white or brown. This here is my favorite veggie recipe ever. I could seriously eat this all the time and I like meat! And you can leave out stuff you don't like since the seasonings provide most of the flavor. I can never find the pepper adobo thing so I leave that out. And I only use zucchini if I have some on hand. I would die without onion though, you poor thing. Is it all onions or can you eat mild ones like green? Or cook with dried onion?

  15. I would definitely complain to someone about the doctor. Is there a PALS (Patient Advice and Liasion Service) at your hospital?

    I'm not much use with the diet issues, basically don't eat anything that I do and you'll be fine.

    Gathering Honey is looking lovely though and maybe some honey would help you too?

  16. Have you been checked for diverticulitis?

  17. First, your Gathering Honey is amazing, great work. What an awful experience with this doctor, so sorry to read that (eating the gastrologist, could this may be the solution can I suggest served with mashed sweet potatoes . Hugs and Love.

  18. Your stitching is beautiful - as always - and I am glad to see you are nearly done!
    As for that doctor visit - don't listen to that ass. He had no right to treat you that way, and since he did not give you any definite answers about your condition, I say he can go visit someplace where the sun don't shine.
    You will figure this out, and eventually they (the doctors that know what they are doing) will figure out what is going on with you. I am sorry you have to deal with this, not knowing what is happening with your body must be really scary and frustrating... Hang in there.
    I don't always leave comments, but I do read your posts, and not just for the craft pics. :) Best wishes to you!

  19. Hi Jacquie, My name is Mini. I visit your blog very often however I don't always leave comments . I love your stitching .
    I couldn't stop myself from commenting today as I think that there are many foods which I can suggest for your kind of diet. I'm a vegetarian ,so I know many veggies/lentils/grains you can add to your diet.Please reply to this comment here or on my blog ( and I will be happy to send you a list of foods which may be suitable for you.

    1. Thank you for popping in to see me and leaving a comment.....I appreciate any help :)
      I keep trying new foods everyday, it's tough when all I want to do is eat and I am having issues with that. I am game to keep trying, thank you!
      Smiles :)

  20. Hi Jax,

    I suffer with quite severe IBS and my diet has become quite restrictive. I used to have really bad bloating, nausea, etc.. NOt to say I don't still get it from time, however, nowhere near like it used to be. My dietician put me on something called the FODMAP diet. It gives quite a comprehensive list of foods which are not suitable and ones which should be. Essentially it's to do with the particular sugars and fibre foods have and whether these are digestible. It's worth trying.

    1. Oh yes somewhere along the line I recall you mentioning about your IBS. To be honest I don't the doctors know what's wrong with me and are now trying anything! I was with a dietician, tried high protein jellies, shakes and juices but they too made me ill! They said to see the gastrologists! Now the gastrologists are saying I need to see the dieticians again! Round and round! So yet again I have to wait and wait for appointments... I hope someone helps me as its awful what I am going through. Thank you for commenting, I hope your still enjoying uni life!?
      Smiles :)

  21. How about a veggie jambalaya it's blooming lovely xxx


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