Friday, 11 March 2016

Love my mother....

Hello happy smiley friends.....

Well your all going to be amazed as I have been out again! My mum popped round for a visit the other day and I was rather down and feeling like the world was against me... 

Then out of the blue mum said I am taking you to the hairdressers! For a pick me up... She thought it would cheer me up.  I was thrilled, but the thought of going out literally is a logistic nightmare.  It's such an effort to dress, the pain levels are through the roof... But I kept thinking of my new hair do! Han got Bob out and off we went! Han assured me Bob would be fine in the hairdressers. So it's mum me and Han, off for new hair doos!

My hair was looking awful, seriously awful.  I cannot remember the last time it was sorted out.... With me being so ill I have not had the chance to go anywhere.

Omg... Look at my before hair! Awful!

Grey, grey and more grey! And silver!!! Now I have a major issue with this as I really don't feel old enough to have grey hair! It drags me down and makes me feel awful.  So I can see why my mum wanted to take me to the hairdressers! Ha ha 

In the hairdressers I stayed sat in Bob, it was tough after about an hour, but I stuck it out.  Han took some photos...

Ha ha can't see much going on there! Maybe this next one....

Oooooh yes! You can see colours!! 
And then ....

It's so much better....just makes me instantly feel better and happier... Thanks mum!! 

Then it was Hans turn, oh of course she joined in! And what would Han do? Changed her hair colour!!

Any clues there? She wanted up the back of her head shaved underneath..... Apparently it's when she wants to put it up it's easier? Her hair!! 

And here is Hans new hair colour! The back has the same colour on top and a dusky pink underneath.... It's actually really pretty. The main thing, Han loves it! 

And my mum... Oh yes she had her hair coloured too and restyled! You can see where I get my grey/silver from now! 

I love my mums hair, it's so pretty... You think?

So that is what I have been up to! You can imagine by the time I got back home I was exhausted and almost fell asleep.  I stopped myself from sleeping as I knew I would not sleep during the night, and oh my word! Sleeping at night is a nightmare already without napping! So in a bid to keep myself awake I thought I would give you all a blog update! 

Stitching wise...hmmmm something I will share with you all that I am erm..... Not so happy about :(

It's the lovely Easter stitch I started some time back...

This one, 

I mean look at it!!! It's adorable! I had started to stitch it..

Now if I have a chart I follow it.... I just can't get passed using other threads not on charts.  It's obviously an issue I have! I try but then just don't have the confidence to go through with the change, that's when I end up not stitching it or regretting starting it! 

Well I started this lovely Easter stitch...followed the right threads.. I was following DMC ...

Jon helped me get all the right threads from my stash.. I had all the DMC threads, so started stitching.

Aaarrrggggghhhhh!!! Oh my gosh! I was merrily stitching away thinking, ok my bunny is a different colour?! I looked at the picture on the chart and WOW! how could this be??  Look at my stitching of the bunny! I have a 'grey' bunny!! It's the colour on the chart!!

Here is the whole stitch...

I am pleased I actually finished it, but not sure I like the finished look?  Maybe one day I will pluck up the courage to stitch with other colours? It's like a mental block of sorts....

Moving on....loving my salads! Mmmm

I am continuing to try food but seems like nothing is helping... And now my food intake has reduced drastically.  I am not sure why, but if you think of an adult plate of food, say a typical meal... Portion it into 4 parts and that is what I eat during the day.  Maybe less depending upon how much water I drink..ha ha I can't take both in! As far as my health issues go... I have to wait for my GP to get back to me to see what has been organized........ Yes more waiting! 

Jon did, bless him try me on something new...

Just because there was no meat in it! I tried it but the smell and texture just was not agreeing with me... I tried it!  :(

Of course I have been stitching bbzzzzzzzzzzing things! Ha ha more on that later! And I have the Joyful World April to stitch.... It's adorable.  If you have not seen this I have a link in my side bar.

Hope your all well? I want to thank you all for commenting on my last few posts... Your all so kind and I am so happy I blog to have such nice friends.  

Remember in my last post I asked for a caption for the photo of Han..... 

It was rather a silly photo of Han being 'normal'! Ha ha  

Han looked at everyone's comments and chose.........

................... Ariadne !!! 

Congratulations!!! Han thought the YouTube clip funny! Thank you for playing along :). If you message me your address I will pop a little smile surprise in the post to you :) 

Until I next pop in....keep smiling :)


  1. Wonderful for you Han and your Mum to get the haridresser treatment..I know how having the gray hair coloured lifts me so can understand how you feel!! You all look amazing!! Your Mum has beautiful hair!! I wojld have thought the bunny on your stitchery would be brown??

  2. OMG it is so funny how alike you and Han are.............OMG............and love the hair do...........very mine done this week too and it is amazing how it makes you feel better......

  3. Love your new do! I know it must have been a trial for you, but you look fabulous! Han, too. I love your Easter stitch. Great finish.

  4. It's 2 o'clock after midnight here and I am up because our dog misbehaved and I am washing all the sofa cushions!So till they are out of the washing machine I thought of looking at my blogs and what do I see? I won!!!!Yeah!Thanks Han for choosing me!It was a funny video and song wasn't it? I love all your hair ladies!I have so much white that's why I am turning blonde now too!It was great you decided to go to the hairdresser's after all!It's good to go out!I will be sending you the address!Thanks a lot!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. Congrats on the cute finish Jacquie. I love the colors. I do think the bunny should have been a little lighter. All of your hair looks great. I just wish I had more than a few strands.


  6. I agree, getting your hair done always feels amazing. Probably because I have so much of it. Great job on your finish. I hope you get the courage to switch out colors some day. I do it all the time. Unfortunately when you don't use the same floss as they used on the model the conversions are not the same. Sorry you are still unable to eat. Have you tried fruit/ veggie smoothies? I know a lot of people add protein powder etc. I know there is non-dairy yogurt out there. Hope you can get some medical help soon.

  7. Love the bunny so cute .
    You always feel better with a new hair do .
    Love Hans colour my GD has this colour.
    You all look lovely .

  8. What a lovely pampering day out! My hair is also at that awkward stage of lots of grey but not enough to be totally grey and make a statement!
    The bunny is an interesting colour, you can get grey bunnies but usually not. I love the words on the chart, they would make a great mystery phrase for my blog hop, lots of bbbbbbbs.
    Off to check out Ariadne's comment now.

  9. Good for you ladies. I am glad a trip to the hairdresser brightened your day, even if it did wear you out! I love Han's choice of course.
    Your bunny is different, but still very sweet.

  10. Love the new hair dos on everyone! I love the colors you chose as that's the colors I love doing mine! I like the grey bunny personally the Easter bunny to me is always grey.

  11. Your hair (and everyone's) looks wonderful! What a fun day! I was feeling a little down yesterday. I convinced the hubby to take me for a new lipstick color, and it really changed my mood for the rest of the day.
    I think your rabbit looks beautiful! I also never change the colors called for in the charts. I admire people who can do it, but it would make me too nervous, and I would constantly second guess myself. I think it would take the fun out of the stitch.
    Hope you and your doctors get you feeling better soon. Keep trying to eat different things. You might not like most of them, but there will be the one or two that you enjoy, and that will be a good thing!

  12. A great pampering session for you all, how lovely you all look.
    Your grey bunny looks cute, its nice to different sometimes, perhaps he just wanted to be like Han and have a new hair/fur colour.
    love and blessings to you all

    p.s. Drew a winner for the travelling chart on my blog earlier.


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