Saturday, 5 March 2016

Thank you....

Yes......thank you!!
I just wanted to say that! It's for the lovely comments you all left on my last post.  :)

I have been trying to adjust, introduce different foods and eat better... It's hard because I want so badly just to eat the way I used to.  I will get there slowly!! 

Foods.... Yes! Han bought me a few things to try...

I love edamame beans so Han thought this might work for me?!

A while ago I chopped all the veg for a veg chilli (not actually spicy!) and it was put into the freezer for when I wanted it.  

The spaghetti was rather strange, infact I thought it tasted like Edam cheese! Had a kind of cheese stringy consistency too... 

I did not actually eat all of this! But I did eat some of it, I loved my chilli....the spaghetti was really really filling and I am not actually sure if I liked it! Ha ha 

Han also bought me some comfort foods too...

I saw these and went wow! I thought they would be perfect as they did not have egg in either! When I opened them they smelled really chocolaty, but when I took a bite...NO!! Ewe!! Nope! I just did not like the texture or the taste...sorry it's a no go :(

Oh there is more... Thanks Han!

These again may of been perfect! But alas it was not meant to be! I liked the look of them, but the taste was not right for me at all.  I thought they tasted oily... Then they made me feel really ill, so I gave those to Han! Han likes them dipped into hummus! 

Oh but..... Then this!!

Yummy yummy yummy!!! Oh my!! I loved these! I will get Han to get me more of these! Mmmmmm

And I have been trying to top up with a little salad enriched with iron and nutrients...

This plate was rather too much..... But managed it slowly.  Han found a nice salad dressing that literally had nothing in to make me ill! It's ok for now! Mmmmm

I will keep trying to eat, as for what's happening now? I don't know! Jon will talk to our GP on Monday as that is when they are calling us!  All I know is that I don't want to see that doctor again! It's back to the waiting game I guess!

I have been you all know stitching keeps me sane! It really really does! I am so pleased I stitch, it gives me something to do whilst stuck in bed!

The adorable SAL (link in side bar) had another square out so I stitched it up! 

This is how it's looking...


And more stitching on Gathering Honey too.... It's almost done, just 8 bees to go!

Each bee takes about an hour stitching time.... I can do this!!! Then it's complete! I guess if I added the time up I have taken to stitch this it's about a month.  On and off as I have been really tired some days and only managed a few stitches.  But I have always thought some stitches are better than none! And when I stitch I smile :). I have loved every minute of this design, ha ha it's not finished yet!!

Oooh yes!! The lovely Scarlet Letter design, Mary Gail is coming along nicely too...

I love these colourful flowers they make me smile when I am stitching them... I keep chipping away at it, soon it will be complete! Another design I adore stitching!

I am quite attached to my stitching, it's like I go on a journey, a stitching journey! Ha ha yes!! If I am having a rough, tough, sad day I know picking up my needle and stitching a project puts the smile on my face! It's like I go off into my own little world and everything around me and my stitching is invisible. I love how I feel when I stitch :) so so pleased I stitch, ha ha ha I dread to think what I would be doing if I could not stitch! Maybe I would of pulled all my hair out by now?! Ha ha 

So I will get back to my stitching now before I bore you all!! Ha ha

Big big smiles to you all :)



  1. You have done great work with your stitchings and have been good girl trying those new healthy foods!

  2. Changes in diets are so difficult. I know you can do it. Lovely stitching

  3. Cheese spaghetti sounds delicious to me! And I'm sure it's healthier than macaroni and cheese. Gosh I shouldn't read your blog after meal time, it makes me hungry again and I promised myself that I wouldn't eat after 6:00 PM...
    Stitching looks lovely! I just splurge and bought myself 'garden lasses' from Bothy Threads. Somehow I missed Ingrid's post in our RAK blog and it was to late to enter her giveaway. Anyway I hope I'll finish my Madonna Dolorosa before my new stash arrives. I used for the first time and I hope they ship promptly.
    Evalina, This and that...

    Random Act of Stitching Kindness

  4. I'm glad you found some things that work :). You should look into shakeology they have a few vegan ones that may work. You can look at the ingredients online. The regular chocolate is delicious but haven't tried the vegan but they're healthy for you :). Your stitching looks gorgeous!

  5. Glad you are able to find some new foods. Great job on all of your projects.

  6. Despite the restrictions, your meals look very appetising. Only 8 bees to go wow! Gathering honey has stitched up so quickly really. I do love the vibrancy of Mary Gail too. I can't believe you've done part 5 of the sal already. It looks lovely.

  7. I am so pleased to read that you have found a few new foods. Keep trying a few new ones, soon you will have a good variety.
    Gathering Honey is so close and so gorgeous. :)
    Mary Gail is looking good.
    My stitching is such a comfort to me also. As we both go through trials on each side of the ocean, we are smiling and stitching. ;)

  8. I think I'd rather eat my stitching than some of those things! I'm kind of an anti-veg LOL. I'm sure natural linen is full of roughage!
    Amazing work on your stitching though, that tiny Alphabet SAL is gorgeous.

  9. So good to see yu have found something you like to eat!!! That salad looks amazing..yum!!! Have you tried rice porridge? With rice or almond milk..bland but easy to can add some dried fruits if you like....your stitching is so beautiful, Gathering Honey is looking amazing...not too much to do now!! As is Mary Gail...well done...smiles to you...xx

  10. Happy to hear you've found some food that agrees with you and tastes good to you. And - as always - your stitching is beautiful.

  11. Jaquie: Oh my that Gathering Honey is almost done wowzer so beautiful.
    Sometimes if my Mother eats certain foods with medication she cannot eat that food again, I hope you do better with chocolate cookies, I cannot live without them.
    Love all your stitching projects.
    I love the veggie sticks, we get them in the organic section at the grocery.




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