Tuesday, 22 March 2016

It's here!!!


I am so so excited!! 

Why your wondering?

For some time I have been wanting to stitch something with meaning, with love.... Something to cherish and treasure, to pass down the family.  Something special.

Then, I found it!! 

A beautiful sampler that ticks all my boxes! It has bees! It has flowers, it has adorable animals, the colours are so fitting too.  I was actually speechless when I first looked at it, yes it took my breath away.  I think it's because I knew instantly it was what I had been searching for.

Your want to know what it is?

It's called 'Miss Mary Ann Bournes 1791' from the studios of Hands Across The Sea Samplers.  The design was designed by Nicola Parkman and it is stunning.

I think my stitching has been slowly moving towards samplers, I felt the pull towards them! Let me tell you everything about samplers fascinates me! I love to read the story behind the sewing, it's wonderful.  

So let me enlighten you all to a little back ground of the stunning sampler Miss Mary Ann Bournes 1791, the one I am going to stitch.

This is taken from the booklet with the chart...

Throughout the chart booklet the art work is stunning, I love the little bees inside.... Sneak preview...

It's all so beautiful, you can see a lot of thought has been taken to produce the booklet.

This project is going to be awesome as again I am challenging myself! I decided to stitch this beautiful design with AVAS silk threads! Eeeeek!! Let me tell you before they arrived I was petrified! It's a big step for me.. But I think the design needed silks, needs to look spectacular, so this is why I decided to use them.

I am going to stitch this design on 36 count sand dune linen with the lovely AVAS threads... As shown in my photo...

Now I understand samplers are not everyone's cup of tea, life would be boring if we all liked the exact same things! I was so excited about this I simply had to share it with you all!! What do you think??

I am waiting for some little zip lock bags I bought on Amazon to put the silk threads in.... Once I am all organized I will make a start!! 

Bet your all wondering what's going to happen to all my other 'little' projects? Well I will (promise) add a stitch here and there and continue to stitch them! 

So it's all happy happy smiles here!! 
Keep smiling till I next pop in! 


  1. Good luck, it looks amazing

  2. It looks lovely...looking forward to watching your progress with it.

  3. This looks magical. I know I wouldn't start a project as big as this as I don't have time to stitch that much. This one really looks lovely!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. Now that is a doozie! It is gorgeous and should keep you occupied for what, a week?! Just kidding. ;)

  5. Nice new sampler. I have several Scarlet Letter samplers that I need to start.

  6. It is a beautiful sampler and I am sure you are going to love stitching it. Nicola is always on hand to help with any problems you might encounter too.

  7. How perfect! It definitely reminds me of you :) The silks look like a lot of fun to stitch with

  8. It is always nice when we find a project that speaks to our heart. What a great booklet that explains the symbolism of the animals and insects. I am finding that I like samplers and primitive more than I used to. I look forward to seeing your progress.

  9. Have a lot of fun with your new project.

  10. Oh my - what a gorgeous sampler. A true heirloom when it's done. Enjoy!

  11. Oh that is a beautiful chart. The booklet looks so interesting too. The silks are gorgeous, they look very tactile

  12. That looks amazing Jacquie!!!! The threads are beautiful too...looking forward to seeing your progress on that one!!!Wonderful to I see you happy and smiling!!! Have a great Easter weekend. xx


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