Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Hello happy happy friends :)

Do you like my title of this post? Curious? Marmite love it or hate it? I happen to love it! Haha 
As a lot of you know Sunday here was Mother's Day... Han surprised me with the most awesome gift.  I should mention...Dora...this is the name my friends and family call me, they have done for years! It's because when I was younger I never closed doors! Ha ha 

This is what Han got me....so special!

Pretty box! What was in it??

This kind of gave it away! Ha ha 

How awesome is this!!??

Han was worried in case it did not arrive in time, panic over as it arrived and I LOVE it! Not sure if I will use it or open it, well it's rather special! 

On Mothering Sunday I actually went to the bingo with my dad, like we used to! It was fun and on entering the club everyone was given a cute cup cake.  I took mine home for jon! He ate it! Oh don't worry, I saw my mum and gave her a gift too! 

I love the card Han got me too...see I love turtles! I think they are ever so cute and Han searched everywhere for this card! Go Han! I love it, thank you!!

I was out and having fun....with Bob! Oh Bob.. I should tell you all who Bob is! Bob is the name of my wheelchair! Ha ha Dad and I chatted and laughed and we both won! I love spending time with him.  I was really exhausted by the time I got home, and in a lot of pain so I was pleased to put Bob away until another day.  Going out is rare these days because I can never plan in advance if I will be ok on the day...we tend to play it by ear if I am up to moving about or not. 

 Yes unfortunately nothing is happening with me anytime soon regarding my health.  My GP is waiting for the report from the gastrologist as she said he should of taken my history and examined me.  To say she was not best pleased was an understatement! I mean I had waited months for that appointment and my GP was wanting answers too...she and I got none! So we are back to square one.  My GP is requesting a neorolgy appointment for me to check I have not had a bleed or clot in/on my brain.  Apparently I have a lot of symptoms that may indicate I may of... I guess it's good, to rule it out.  In the mean time I am still struggling to eat, and my portion sizes seem to be getting smaller and smaller. Head aches are getting worse and I am still being sick, saying it's driving me scatty is an understatement.  I worry for my own state of mind, I am sometimes confused and forgetful. I am concerned and jon and Han both think my personality is changing...it's scary from my point of view but what can I do about it? Nothing, I just have to go with it and hope I stop getting passed from doctor to doctor.  I hope one can help me or at least try and tell me what's going on with me?

Onto some food... 

Breakfast is a real issue for me as I feel so sick on a morning and have no appetite at all.  So we saw these biscuits and I gave them a try! Gluten free...bonus! They come in a handy 4 pack, the only problem is I could only manage 2! So that's my breakfast! They are not bad, I liked them.

Mid morning I have started to eat little fruit pots... They are a perfect size for me! 

And they are tasty too...

And dinner....salad today... How yummy does that look! Everyone in this house seems to think I can eat a lot! Not any more! 

Here is what I did not manage to eat!

Eating salad is great as its light on my stomach and I enjoy it too! Bring on the salads! Ha ha

Something rather exciting to share with you all....no Gathering Honey is not complete...almost! I wanted to save it to show you all when its all done.  Today I wanted to show you my wonderful Scarlet a letter design, Mary Gail.  It's kind of finished! By that I mean I have stitched all the bottom flowers...

But I am unsure if I should colour the mound they are stood on? It's green on the chart and I believe that other stitchers have stitched it green.  I mean it's no simple task...that does not bother me, I love a challenge! I was wondering if I should or not? Would I regret it if I did not? Oh I hope someone can shed a little light here?! And suggestions? 

Ooooh I took a photo of the back too, I am super excited about the back!! Never and I mean never has one of my projects looked so pretty....on the reverse that is! Ha ah go me!

When I can finally say ok I have finished it now..I intend on getting it framed to put on my wall.  Mary Gail has been my most exciting and most challenging design to stitch ever! And the. First ever time I have stitched on 45 count linen too! It's. Been a lot of fun and I have enjoyed every stitch.  I honestly thought I would of completed it a lot quicker, but being so ill last year, a lot of things got put on hold. I am so pleased I pushed on with this as I think it's stunning, I run my fingers over the stitches I have done and a huge smile comes in my face! I think,.. WOW! I stitched that! 

One last photo to show you all.. It made me laugh so much! It's Han... She recently went to a fancy dress party and look...

Ha ha... If you have a caption for this photo, I would love to have a giggle! Oooh lets have a little fun... The best giggle will get a surprise in the post! I will get Han to choose the winner :)

Leaving you all with happy thoughts and a big smile :)


  1. Your stitching looks stunning! I'm glad you have foods you can eat, I hope you can get answers soon.

  2. Han just loves horsing around. That's my caption. take care glad you got out with your dad. hugs

  3. You should keep the salad there so whenever you get hungry you can take a few more bites. That is pretty scary I would definitely have the doc check it out. It's good your gp is on your side. Your stitching looks beautiful my backs for sure don't look like that. I would do each hill in a different color green that coordinates with the flowers. But it looks great as is! As for Han all I can think of is "why the long face?" "Because horses can't wear gloves and there are no matching slippers on my pajamas!"

  4. I just hope things will work out!Shouln't all this be found out in hospital? I mean shouldn't you go to hospital and do all the tsts? If they imagine a clot at your brain shouldn't they look you thoroughly? As for the cahnge in your personality I bet anyone stuck in abed for such a long time and unable to eat or do nothing much would be irritable.Anyway I am gald you went out even with Bob!LOL! Han's costume really looks great!Here is a song I found for a horse named Little Red! I think it suits her!

  5. Way to go Han! Keeping your mum and us all smiling. And what cool gifts she got you.
    Let us hope this does not take a long time for the GP to get things moving.
    I would stitch the hills.

  6. What an awesome Mums day gift, I adore marmite. Love your nickname too. Your stitching is wonderful, both sides. Oh honey, I do hope you get some progress soon with your medical problems, keeping you waiting like this is so bad, keeping everything crossed for you. Hans fancy dress is sooo funny. Now I want salad yours looked lush. XXXX yes stitch the hills x

  7. Sorry, I'm on the opposite side of the Marmite debate! I'd have eaten your cupcake though. Glad you, Dad and Bob had a good evening out.
    Mary Gail is looking wonderful. Could you try some sort of long stitch for the grass? Maybe not all over, just in areas?
    Han looks scary, you wouldn't want that on the pillow next to you!

  8. What a sweet and thoughtful gift from Han. I hope you feel better soon. Hmmm. Caption for the picture of Han....I can't think of one...but it sure made me giggle.

  9. I'm way behind on blog reading again, March seems be passing me by. Lovely little stitches you have been putting in Jacqiu.
    I'm sorry you had a bad experience at the hospital. I too am waiting for results of some recents tests, seems to take ages to get any answers with the NHS!
    Han looks funny .... I wanted to shout at the screen 'stop horsing around' lol
    ((hugs to you)) xxx
    p.s. I'm a marmite fan, what a super gift

  10. Han is just horsing around!!! Great costume!! I like Marmite too, we had that in NZ, vegemite is here in Oz. It has come in a great container and box. Lovely to read you and your Dad had a great great time out. I ate those breakfast biscuits when over your way too!! I hooe the Gp can sort soemthing out for you soon, no fun being so well and not eating. Xx

  11. How sweet of Han , I love Marmite always have on toast yummy.
    Lovely stitching.
    So happy you had a day out hugs.

  12. Jaquie: Oh my such beautiful stitching, if it were me I would do the green stitching, but again its me saying that.
    I am a big and I mean big salad eater, we have a coconut crusted chicken salad that has loads of veggies along with a poppy seed dressing yummy.
    I like the looks of the Marmite, it also looks yummy.
    I am looking forward to see the Gathering Honey finished, I have the very old magazine Cross Stitch And Country Crafts that the pattern first appeared in way back in the 80s, I may have to stitch it up.
    Han is so funny.


  13. Hi. Just a thought but could all your symptoms be down to hormone imbalance?
    Fatigue, headaches, brain fog memory loss,reflux, gastric problems and a lot more beside can be down to hormone imbalance. Maybe you should talk to your GP about getting test done..
    Your stitching is beautiful. Hope you get some answers soon and get the help you need..

    1. Awe, thank you so much for caring and I thank you for your comment. Yes my GP and the hospital when I was admitted recently checked everything possible when bloods were taken... They never mentioned it specifically but if something had be noticed I am sure they would of informed me. I am still being sick and my sence of smell and taste is affecting everything. I must admit all my symptoms are crazy, I just hope some doctor out there will help me soon.


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