Friday, 18 March 2016

Who took my energy??

Hello happy smiley friends, I have not really been up to much craft wise that is! I have been so very tired.  It seems someone has sucked all my energy from me!

Plodding on though....

I have tried to stitch but my concentration is really naff right now.  Saying that though, I have managed a few stitches here and there.

The wonderful SAL Joyful World (link in side bar) had to be stitched as the month of April was released! 

Here are the ones I have stitched so far...(hmmm sorry don't know how to turn it around sorry)

Also remember I asked a little while ago if I should stitch the grass mound on my Scarlet Letter design, Mary Gail.  Well after what seems days of deciding what green to use I finally made my mind up! I went with DMC 520.

I started...

And here is where I am right now....

I cannot get over how lovely it looks, I am pleased with my choice.  I have big plans for Mary Gail.... I have decided to expand on the stitching.  It's experimental but I want to add to the beautiful design, it's the first time I have ever done this so naturally I am a little nervous about it.  I will maybe show you all what I plan to do when I have stitched the grass mound.

I have also decided to stitch my fist ever Bothy Threads design 'Row of Cats' as a birthday gift for Caterina.... She loves everything to do with cats! So it's perfect!!

This one...

This design was actually given to me in a giveaway hosted by Mii Stitch I think hmmm a few years ago!  

Here is where I am with this adorable design...


Then two....

Ha ha the cars are so cute! I just hope Caterina likes it! 

On the food front... My eating seems to of reduced even more.  Here is an example, this was given to me for lunch...

And all I managed to eat...

It's crazy actually how little I eat.  After speaking with a dear sweet friend about eating and it just simply stressing me out and making me sick.  I decided to change how I eat.  Now I am trailing eating very very small amounts every few hours... A quarter of toast, two mouthfuls of food.... And so far I am feeling ok.  Feeling sick still but progress as I am not being sick! 

Jon is waiting to talk to the doctor on Monday to discus things further as nothing seems to be moving and we have no clear plan as to what is actually being done either.  I cannot tell you all how frustrated and fed up I am of being so very ill... I simply want my life, independence and food back!! 

Ok so... I am going now, take care and happy smiles to you all :)
Oooh and have a lovely weekend!!


  1. Your April looks great Jacquie. I just finished mine as well. I need to make it into a pinkeep for my shelf. Row of Cats is darling. What a great present that will be. You keep on eating in small quantities. I just cannot believe you are supposed to sit there in limbo waiting for doctors!!!

  2. I am also stitching the SAL and enjoying the designs. I am stitching mine separately. Love the green you chose.... looks great. Sorry you are still having issues with your eating and feeling ill. I can imagine how frustrating it is. I know what the energy level is like recently, but I am trying to put a few xx's in on and off during the day and it seems to be working. Keeping you in my thoughts...

  3. The April design is lovely, I wonder if Mr Squirrel is going to eat the offered carrot?
    The grass on Mary Gail is nice, easy stitching, perfect for when you have little energy.
    The row of cats is wonderful - perfect for a double entry in GG!
    Eating little and often is a good idea too. The less you eat, the smaller your stomach gets so it won't be happy with large amounts of food. Hope you get some answers soon.

  4. Your April is great. I missed yet another post with this Bloglovin' GRRR! I'm really getting frustrated with this feed reader and my email! Oh those cats are too cute. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. I hope you can get some answers and treatments soon.

  5. Oh my goodness, I love your Row of Cats! Can't wait to see you continue working on that. Eating really small amounts continuously during the day sounds like a good idea. I do hope you feel better soon.

  6. Can you eat the Kraft singles cheese? I know you can't eat dairy but I don't think there's actual milk products in them lol. If so you could do grilled cheese. Your stitching looks awesome! I'm excited to see what your additions will be lol you're braver than me!

  7. Loving your stitching Jacquie...the cats are so cute!!
    Is very sad that you are being kept waiting so long for an answer to your digestion problems...if you can eat a little often maybe that will give you some energy. Hope you can see a helpful Dr soon xx

  8. keep up your beautiful stitching. hoping you feel better soon.

  9. Your April turned out lovely, they do look nice all together. I've just finished March - still got 2 weeks to look at it!
    Mary Gail is growing well.

  10. Its amazing how much you get accomplished stitching even when you are not in your best of health.The Bothy threads project is going to be lovely.
    Hang in there,,,eating less but more frequently is a good idea.

  11. I love the DMC 520 against the white and pink of those flowers, it really makes the design pop. I rarely change even a single thread colour from those charted so I will be watching to see your alterations with interest.


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