Saturday, 14 September 2013

What I did today on Saturday 14 th September 2013...

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Thought I would post this picture I 'found' to get my blood pumping this morning! ha ah a  

What am I up to today?  The high light of my day today will be going shopping for toilet roll, you guessed it I am not up to much today!  

For the first time in ages I actually had a lie in, and how nice it was too :)  But staying in bed longer knocks the whole day out... damn!!

Had breakfast later than normal...

I seem to be liking the porridge thing at the minute, yes it was porridge again!  But today with filtered black coffee, German of course!

And yes it exploded all over the microwave!  Hence the thin layer in my bowl! hmmm

OH gosh... yes!! I have an injury I think... I have no idea what I have done but my left knee really hurts when I straighten it.  When I relax it, put it up and then go to stand on it and walk I just cannot due to the pain and discomfort.  But when I do get moving about and walking on it, it eases but still really hurts when I bend and straighten.  Rather odd I think as I dont remember doing anything to it.  And being how my legs and knees are its not possible to see if there is any swelling.  hmmmm 

I think a gently swim is in order today to try to get it moving more.... oooh a swim!! :)

Our town had  built a brand new swimming pool costing thousands, Han and I would never use it because we did not like it.  Its very open and public, and timed!  And not to mention very expensive for what they offer!  We did like the old pool hah shame!  The thing with swimming well you just have to feel comfortable dont you?  We did feel that swimming in the 'public' pool that people/strangers stared and looked and to be honest its not very nice.  But in a more private place... like David Lloyd people just do what they like, go about their own business and we feel very comfortable.  I guess thats why its a members club?  Well what ever it is or not we like it! :)

OK so got dressed and OMG!! My clothes a getting looser!  They feel really comfortable as they are not tight!  But Han says they look awful and I should not wear them :(  I will have to stop wearing these I think?!

Ha ha it is a good feeling though knowing your clothes a big due to you losing weight.  I am proud at how far I have come... I still have a long way to go but at least it is staying off.  And its shocking how my face is changing too...

I do like the new me... the new me that is starting to show.... cannot wait to see the end result!

OK... going swimming and then shopping :)

Back from my swim... I swam 10 lengths non stop, I am pleased with myself for doing that.  It is a good starting point.  Swimming was actually really relaxing, afterwards I went into the bubble thing and steam room. 

Then off to the shops!  Picked up the loo roll and other bits... got home and made some lunch... German style!

2 rolls (open) with remolade (a kind of spread with herbs in) german peppered salami and cheese with cucumber.

Sure this is normally a breakfast thing but I like it any time of the day!  The rolls are not massive, just little rolls cut in half.  I like this as its filling yet light at the same time.

I also had a yummy coffee...

Not feeling overly hungry today maybe its the weather?  Its dull, grey and wet outside.  I will keep motivated and make sure I exercise daily... how can I not when I can swim!?

Until later.....

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