Wednesday, 11 September 2013

What I did on Wednesday 11 th September 2013...

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Today OMG!! Where do I start!!

Well Jon had to be at the hospital today for an MRI scan at 8 am!  So yes we were up and out really early today.

He went in for his MRI, I thought everything was OK... about 40 minutes later he was wheeled out in his wheelchair crying and looking like he was in a LOT of pain.  Now to me this is totally unacceptable leaving him in this condition.  I spoke with the technician and they said he could not be placed flat enough to get scanned.  All the moving about trying to position him was just too much pain for him to manage.  I asked if something could be done to help relieve some of the pain they had caused.  To my horror they could actually do nothing, they even spoke with A&E to see if they could help.  I was actually upset and shocked that no one within the hospital was prepared to help my husband.  A&E first said they would ring our GP to see what pain relief could be prescribed, but then said no they did not want to get involved and would not help.  The poor MRI technician felt awful as she could not do anything either... I was advised just to take Jon around to A&E and say he was in too much pain to be moved.  I dont honestly think they would of done anything as he is being treated elsewhere.  Terrible that everyone was prepared to just leave him alone and not help.  We should expect it now though, the lack of help to Jon and myself is nothing new.  We have had to fight for everything.

Anyway, after Jon got his breath back and calmed down a bit I wheeled him around to the hospital cafe and bought him a coffee and sticky bun.  The coffee as I know he wanted one and the sticky bun as I think the sugar kick would of done him good.  We sat in the cafe still pretty much shocked that we were left to fend for ourselves.  After about 45 minutes when Jon had been rested a while I then tried to get him into our car.  This was a bit more tricky... and took about half an hour to do.  But I got him in and the whole slow journey home I was wondering how I was to get him out of the car.  Again outside our home that process took longer than usual but we managed... we just had to!  Back in the house Jon is relaxed in his reclining arm chair... thank goodness for that!  And there he will stay for some time to recover.

I think its awful that in this day and age that he has to suffer in the pain he is in.  Sure in the past he has been on medication, controlled medication too.  It just was not helping with his level of pain so rather than be a 'vegetable' he stopped taking them.  Now as and when he needs it he takes liquid oramorph, yes a strong pain killer but he is now immune to it.  The helpful affects of it only last about 10 minutes now.  But we have been told there is nothing else to move onto... so like I say he just puts up with the pain... because he has to.

That was the lovely morning I had! Not something I normally chat about but its really upset me so as its on my mind I needed to get it out.  I will now get off my soap box! :( 

Trying to relax at home I thought I would make some soup, as I like to eat it!  Got out every thing I could use today...

Ice lemon, lime, grapefruit and cucumber for my yummy flavored water today.

And like I say soup on the go.. carrot, onion, courgette, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and a touch of black and red crushed pepper with a tin of chopped tomato's.   No stock cube just water and veg!

Dinner... (not that hungry as really tired :(  )

TO FOLLOW LATER... its cooking!! ha ah a

Lunch today was boring by all accounts.  I just wanted something as still feeling a little stressed so quicker the better!

2 small slices of fresh brown bread with 2 slices (halved) and put on top.

Boring I know but its OK not feeling like be adventurous.  Also had a cup of coffee... think I needed it!

Soup is cooking away for dinner and I know I will enjoy that.  I think I will do some more cross stitching as it helps to relax me and keep me calm.  Here is how my project is coming on... slow progress!

Until later....

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  1. Wow! You have great patience to do that project!
    I hope Jon is feeling better now - what a terrible experience for him.
    Keep up the blogging! And keep shrinking!
    Ruth C


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