Friday, 13 September 2013

What I did today on Friday 13 th September 2013..

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What a great day!! 

Before even realizing what the day was I knew something was a foot!  See I had this rather strange phone call from my parents.  A bit cryptic saying they would be coming round later to explain all... hmmm!

And yes they have just been round and well should of expected it really!  Never a dull moment in my family!

OK so... I will start the story at the begining.  My parents had a twin axle massive caravan.. they towed it everywhere, I mean everywhere and loved it.  One day my mum thought she should down size to a smaller caravan, we all laughed!  So anyway she did and has regretted it ever since as she loved the space of a larger caravan.  hmmm So as you know from the holiday we have all just been on she now still has a small caravan...

Well I have just been told her small caravan is sold and she has bought a new one!  Not a 'new' one.. any way it has to be picked up, from... wait for it!! 

The South Of France!!! ha ha a seriously!!  Like I say I expect things like this from my parents now!  So you guessed it I am off on a road trip!  Han will be staying, looking after Jon and my mums cats, they both are going to stay at my parents house as its nearer to college.  Han can actually walk in, its that near!  And Jon can go to as my parents have adjustable beds and Jon will be OK.  They can both keep the cats company.

OK this is where I am going...

Oh not yet.. in a couple of weeks!  But thought I would share it with you as its just incredible how my parents even to this day can leave me speechless!!

I dont think we are actually dong that route on the map... we will but of course be going through Germany! ha ha mmmm!!

Back to today and reality! 

Apart from that what else has happened?  erm..... nothing! ha ah a a

Breakfast was porridge again, but plain as I really enjoyed that yesterday.  Ate it whilst looking at my new cross stitching magazine :)

Lunch....was left over vegetable noodles with king prawns.

Thought I would teach myself crocheting today! hmmm see how that goes!  Then maybe some knitting?? Or sewing/cross stitching?  Yes feeling creative!  Maybe show some photo's of what I have been doing... Tomorrow! When I have had a bit more practice!

OK picked Han up from college and took her to the doctors as she has been having a lot of pain in her hips and knees.  The hip problem has been going on for a while, and its about time we sorted it out.  So the doctor gave her a slip to go and get an x-ray, that will be Monday now.  After the doctors Han and I decided to go to David Lloyd... yes we used to have a membership there it ended April this year.  We both missed the swimming so joined again after weighing up all the options.

Joined again, went home had something to eat...porridge!  And a coffee, then went for a swim!  

It was so nice to be back there, cannot believe we left!  The pool was so nice, and hardly anyone in there too.  Swam a few lengths then went into the steam room and sauna, lovely!! Then finished off with a bubbly jackoozie.... not sure how you spell that!?  Well its the bubbly tub!

Dinner was supposed to be chicken breast casserole!  But as usual I never do anything the way it should be!! So I added brown rice and carrots and cooked it in the slow cooker.  Come to eat it and even Han was surprised at how nice it tasted! ah h ah a ha

It does not look like much, I think Han actually referred to it as slop at one stage!  Ha ha but she admitted she liked it.

This evening I feel great, I have more than usual energy and am smiling!  Oh not that I dont smile, just trying to say I am happy!  

I need to watch what I am eating more... 

Cannot wait for tomorrow.... I get to go swimming again!!! ha ah ha ha ha

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