Thursday, 12 September 2013

What I did today on Thursday 12 th September 2013...

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Today I decided to eat breakfast! 

Porridge with a handful of dried strawberries and cherries.

I was actually really surprised as to how yummy this was!  The dried fruit gave it pockets of little gems.. sweetness.  And as its raining and rather dull today it helped to warm up me and make me feel all warm inside.

I also had a coffee... I know caffeine is not so good for me but its fresh German coffee!  And I love it.. I am trying not to drink so many though.  Maybe split it up and drink flavored tea in the afternoon?  I will have a go!

My coffee...

So today I am not up to much.... Jon is still not right after yesterday so I will be doing things around the house today.  Hmmm I did think about cooking something... the question is what??!!  I brought back some lovely German cake mixes!  But saving those for when I miss Germany!  So what do I cook?  I have soup for lunch, what I made yesterday... Han and Jon will need feeding later too so maybe I will have a think.

Today I am stepping up the exercise....

So took a few more photo's... 

I cannot believe I am wearing a vest top! eeek!! Hmm I still to work on my arms, they are in need of shredding inches!

These photo's were taken this afternoon.. I think it good to take photo's, to see the physical changes... not sure I can see any changes??

I think I am starting to look kind of normal! ha ha Sure I know I have more weight to lose from 'areas'!  Like... bust, thighs, arms.... butt!  Slowly its going!!!

And yes I took the photo's in my mirror... an experiment really.

OK so you know Trevor has been moved, here is his new place...

He is now in my bedroom next to the wall :)

Oh the folder at the back is Han's art work... damn things are huge and I have no where to store them!  Ha ah ha good a place as any!! 

Off now to get sweaty with Trevor! :)


Just come off Trevor and OMG !! I am so pleased with myself as I actually jogged on it!  Does not seam a lot but I have no co-ordination and jogging in one spot my balance is bad too.  I tried it and held the arms first then as my confidence grew I let go!  Could not believe it really.  Me...jogging!! ha ha a  I walked at a fast pace then jogged at a quicker pace for 1 minute then walked then jogged... alternated like that.  Let me makes you sweat!  I really enjoyed that.

And now see I have all those dolphins hmmm easier saying that than endorphin's!  So yes feeling like I am invincible right now!  
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Ah exercise makes you feel amazing :)

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Lunch was some of my yummy soup..

I think it actually tasted better today.

Before I knew it I had to go to the college to collect Han.  Then it was ..... mmmm what shal we have for dinner??

Really bad of us I know!  We should plan and make the meals so we know what and when we are eating something.  So now not having made anything Han was left hanging as she was hungry.  I put that hunger to bay for a little while as we went shopping at the Range.  She needed some supplies for college so off we went.

Then it was OMG we were both hungry...

And out of the blue I fancied chinese food!  Where that came from I have no idea!  As soon as I mentioned it Han was repeating over and over yes crispy beef... now I dont do beef so I was not listening!

OK yes we went to the chinese :(

I chose vegetable (spicy) noodles and king prawn spicy vegetables... with 2 mini vegetable spring rolls.

OMG this looks like heaps!  OK starting at 12 oclock Han put her black bean onion on my plate!  I dont like black bean!! Then at 3 o'clock there is some rice, about 2 table spoons.  Then from 6 to 9 o'clock spicy vegetables with king prawn.  Lastly 9 to 12 o'clock was the 2 mini vegetable spring rolls.  Let me tell you it was spicy!

But here is what I left!...

The black bean onion!! ha ha ha I still dont like black bean!

I have been drinking today... had to really as Trevor took my breath away and made me sweat!! ha h a :)

This evening what am I up to.... erm.... nothing!  Just chilling a bit, I would say watching the TV but I dont really watch it!  I may do some sewing?

Until tomorrow, keep smiling :)
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