Monday, 16 September 2013

OH dear!!

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Well firstly sorry for not blogging yesterday...

It all started Friday, yes Friday the 13th!! I felt a twinge, sharp pain in my left knee... not actually sure what I did.  In fact I am not sure I did anything!

Well as a result Sunday I ended up in A&E!  OMG pain!! I have no pain threshold and was in agony.  Apparently I have what could be a soft tissue injury or a sprained twisted knee!  Hmmm well its rather hard to see anything, I mean even finding my knee cap is a problem.  Yet another reason why I have to keep shedding the weight.  The nurse in A&E explained that sometimes these things just happen...hmmm just my luck!!  :(

I basically have to rest, try to keep the weight off my leg ha h aaa... that is why I now have crutches.  There is a little story attached to the crutches I would like to share.  Well years ago I injured my ankle and needed a cast, and crutches to aid me.  The nurse back then looked at me and asked what my weight was as they do have a weight limit... which not a lot of people are aware of.  Now I am as I have come across this problem before!  The weight limit is 21 stone and back then I was way heavier and told I was too heavy for the crutches and would had to use a zimmer frame! Eeeeek!!! 

That was back then!! In A&E on Sunday the nurse did not even ask what my weight was!! Now some may think no big deal.... for me this is a break through!!  I mean, well I must look under that weight not to be asked! And yes I am under that weight!  It kind of touched me a bit as it probably the first time that no one has commented or judged me for my weight.

So I am not feeling so good, not sleeping so well and my damn leg hurts!!   Yet another knock back, hence the heading 'what ever next'!

I may be back later... I am not sure, I cannot walk!  I could update from my i pad but cannot remember how to!  Aaah the amazing ability of a short term memory! hmmm  So maybe for a few days things may be a bit quiet here...

Not for long though.. I need to rest to get better and then its back swimming and training.  Could go swimming, it may help?  But I cannot drive to get there! ha ah ah a  So I will have to relax and chill until my leg heals... I am so damn impatient :(

Dont worry I am still watching what I am eating, ha that is actually really difficult and I have to rely on Han to help out a lot whilst I am having mobility issues.  Things will be OK... I will hang in there...promise :)

I will check in soon....


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