Friday, 6 September 2013

I am back!!

(Borrowed from Google Images)

OK so I am back!!! :)

I should say... yes sorry I have not been here for a little while... I was on holiday!! :)

I will say a HUGE thank you to Han for taking all the photo's, they are GREAT!!

Here I will try to arrange all the photo's into some kind of order to show our amazing holiday!

We left early to catch the Ferry at Dover to Dunkerque...

And here we are arriving in Germany... yippppeeee!! :)

This was the view we had all the way there!  The back of my parents caravan! 

And a glimpse of the car now and then! ha ha ah

Ausfart... Han kept saying this as its her favorite German word!  Drove us all mental for about half an hour! 

Some GREAT!! ha ha tunes we listened to on-route!

Here is the entrance to the campsite we have been going to for around 35 years!! Along long time!  

Here we are set up on the campsite in Cochem, the Mosel.  Green tent with extension ours and the caravan and awning my parents.

No roughing for us!! We had all mod cons!  We even had normal sized beds! 

Looking down the river... all the river cruise ships parked up... some of them are really lovely especially the Viking River Cruise ships.

Here is me driving my car on the bridge... its the next bridge down from the photo above.

This is the river looking the other way on the bridge.

This was basically where we did all our shopping as it was nearest to our base.  However we did venture out... photo's below!

Han, Han's friend who we took on holiday (Jess) and me all went up the sessel bahn (chair lift) to go to the park at the top...

Up the Sessel Bahn... yes its high!

At the top... follow the sign and a romp through the forest at the top of the hill to the theme park and animal park.

Found it!! This is the water ride in the park... we went on it and OMG its high!!! Well it is on top of the hill! eeeekkkkk

Here is Han and Jess in the front coming down the water slide!

At the bottom...wet! ha ha ha 

This is the side shot... does not look much... OH but its good!

The animals...



And yes we had to feed them!! 

The wild bird show was amazing, they were so close to us...

Jon would of loved these...he likes wolves.  As he could not come the photo's is all he saw...

These we are not sure what they are!  They have the tail of a rat, webbed feet, pig like face and hamster teeth!  Very odd!!

Now for some yummy food and drink photo's!

A typical breakfast...


And cake...

Jon eating the little biscuits that come with the coffee..

An ice cream stop....

Another currywurst stop! ha ha a

OMG!! I must stop wearing clothes that are too big! hmmm

Ha ha thats right!

And more ice cream!...

Han's hot chocolate...

And not forgetting the beer!... smiling enjoying the beer!! ha ah ah aa (Hmmm need to get that tooth sorted I think!... well you know I got it fixed rather quickly just before I went on holiday.... well it fell out on holiday!  OMG !!! I know!  So I had to improvise.. its stuck in with fix-i-dent!)

OK so we decided to go to Trier on the train...

These little trains are every where...

Back in Cochem.. some lovely photo's out and about...

I just love the buildings, they look so different, but having looked at them all my life I just love them.  I have over the years bought my own miniature set of ceramic ones... I will show them in another of my blogs... 

I love this photo Han took of the castle in Cochem... its a very special place for Jon and I... we got engaged there so many years ago!

The fountain is red as it was the wine festival whilst we were there and its just one of the quirky things they do!

At the swimming pool... well it was hot!  Most of the time we had it to ourselves...guess all the Germans were at work!?

A random castle we found and looked at...

And the group photo on the ferry on the way home... (Gosh I look brown!h ah a ah)

My car on the ferry! Love this car... so much that in the 4 months I have had it now I have 10, 100 miles on the clock!! ha ha seriously I do!!

Sun setting as we come back into Dover...

That basically was our holiday in a nut shell!

Loved it, loved it and yes loved it!

Germany will always have a special place in my heart... and one day I WILL return there :)

As you can see from the photo's I DID eat cake and drink beer!  ha ha but I also walked loads and swam a few times so I hope I created a nice balance.

And it was my holiday!! I DID enjoy myself :)


  1. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us!
    Ruth C

  2. Some amazing photos, thanks. I'm glad you had a lovely time!

  3. thank you, we all had a great time... but of course we would, it was Germany! :)


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