Monday, 9 September 2013

What I did today, Monday 9th September 2013...

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Monday is here!!!

Gosh that came around quick!

Started the day with a coffee!  What else!  Oh but this is no ordinary coffee... its German!! ha ha a mmmmmm 

Well I am currently sat at my desk on my PC typing this... the TV is on and Jon is watching some house program.  Its just noise in the back ground for me, I dont actually watch it.

Han is still asleep I think, well I cannot hear anything coming from her room so she must be!

Just sitting here thinking.....

Thinking on what to do today!

I know I have plenty to do.... but....

Always a but!!  ha ha

Excited about tomorrow.... so thinking I just want to take it easy today and have as little stress as possible.  hmmmmm!

Whilst I am in this reflective mood I should share some information with you...

OK so as you know I have been on holiday, and I had a lovely time, ate practically anything I wanted!  Now back on earth at home reality has set in, and I am reflecting on me.. oooh note to self, dont be too hard on myself!

I have not weighed myself since coming back, this is not because I will be shocked.. OH no!  I think if I did it would spoil what I did on my holiday... those happy memories eating lovely German food again.  So I have decided to weigh in again after 1 week back on it.

Reflecting I dont think I over ate, I honestly think I ate sensibly whilst in Germany.  And like I say tried to strike a balance with walking and swimming.

Back at home, the weekend just gone has been lets say a total disaster!!! OMG!! Its like everything I know and have learnt has been sucked out of the window and I have literally done what I liked.  I am talking about food!!

Sure I brought back some well OK a lot of lovely German things, mostly good things: salad dressings, curry ketchup, amazing flavored pasta, coffee!! and a few other little bits to keep me ticking over!  Oh yes and some yummy German coffee biscuits (hmmmm I know its bad!)  But when I picked them up in the shop I justified them by saying 'Jon can have them with his coffee'!! ha ha ha classic mistake!!   And like I say this disaster weekend... I ate half a bag of them :(    I know I should not of ate them, I liked them, wanted did!  Now if I am to learn from this how am I to move forward from this?

There is still even this far along an urge in me to want food... no matter if I dont want it.  How on earth do I get around this?  Will I always want food this way?  I honestly thought I was stronger than that and could leave it alone.  

I want to see this as a positive reflection as I am trying to understand why I do the things I do.  That is why I started this blog!  Its a start that I have recognized this problem!  I need to be stronger and realize I dont actually need something... its so damn hard.  I guess I see it as depriving myself of something?   I think it has been conditioned in me as a child as I know my mother gave me food when I wanted it and as reward and when injured, so I was never without food.  Trying to break this mold is really hard... I have the upper hand as I know why I do it, its just stopping it now.

Monday morning and this is deep! ha ha I guess its good to talk!?  And for me chatting on my blog its a way for me to try to understand myself... 

Lunch... OK so trying to get back into a routine again.

Scrambled egg with 4 table spoons of (low salt) baked beans.  With a red berry herbal tea.

My afternoon snack...

Sliced banana, apple and kiwi with a lovely cup of German coffee.

I think I slice food for a really good reason, its to trick my mind to thinking I have loads!  See if I just put half and apple and banana and 1 kiwi in front of me I would think that is not a lot!  I know I would... so this is the solution I have come up with to trick myself!  And dont knock it... it works!! 

Wanted to look into how good kiwi is for you, I found this...

Kiwi web page, full of great information

In fact the website I found the kiwi information on is amazing, it has so much other great information I feel I have to share it!

The link to the worlds healthiest foods website.

You know me and my thinking!  Well I have been thinking again! hmmmm OK so I think this is very valid!! 

Tomorrow as you all know I am in college, start at 1 pm with maths, this finishes at 4.45 pm and then English starts at 5.45 pm and goes through until 9 pm.  So a really busy afternoon and evening for me.  Naturally I will eat before I go, something really filling... not sure what yet!  And thinking... yes here is the thinking bit!  I was thinking what to eat whilst there?  I have a nice break in the middle of the 2 so could take something and sit and eat, so it will see me through until I get home?  But then getting in after 9 pm I dont want to be eating a massive meal!

Arrrrggghhhh!!! I thought about sandwiches then thought NO!  I am staying away from bread...carbs are bad! lol ha ha  I will stay away as much as I can.

So hence all the thinking!  Its driving me a little scatty!  No doubt I will come up with the solution, I have to or I will starve for the day! ha ah ha  And yes I will take photo's of what I eat so that you lovely people in blog land can see what I am actually eating!  Oooh  college and one thing comes to mind about the canteen.... COSTA coffee!!! naughty naughty!! OK I may get 1!  But a skinny latte, as they are very filling too. 

OK perfect solution!  I will keep back some of this evening dinner and put some in a box and eat that tomorrow!  Sure it will be cold, but veg and chicken ca be eaten cold.  SORTED!!! :)

This was my dinner this evening...

Fresh steamed carrots, broccoli, green beans and cauliflower. Baby roast potato's and a chicken fillet coated in bread crumbs.  The chicken was covered in a mushroom sauce (Jager sauce is German!) 

So I enjoyed this dinner, looks a lot but the plate was full mostly of vegetables.  And this is what I am having tomorrow for dinner at college.  See by taking my own food I can resist temptation of buying 'junk'.  

Lunch tomorrow...

Mixed vegetables with chicken fillet and mushroom sauce and a yummy German Volvic peach tea drink.

Today has been a good day back into it... I am feeling positive and happy.  I honestly thought today may of been tougher than it was.  I thought I would of been more hungry, I thought I would of ate more!  Hmmm kind of surprised myself! ha ha ha

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