Tuesday, 10 September 2013

What I did today Tuesday 10th September 2013...

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Today has been an interesting day, I started back at college today... Northbrook :)

Its been a long old day took Han to college this morning then did a few tasks for Jon.. you know post office and bank.  Came back home and knew I needed to eat something filling, I did want to stay away from bread... hmmm I ended up having brown bread.


2 slices of brown bread with 1 slice of cheese.

Then I went off to college for my first GCSE Maths lesson which started at 1 pm.  I was feeling rather apprehensive as I was feeling rusty... and yes I was lacking confidence.  I plodded on and went though!  Proud of myself for doing that.  The lesson went OK actually.. well it was the first one and I did not actually do that much maths.  In a way I am dreading doing maths as I think I have forgotten loads.... but then again I am excited as I want to learn.

There is one person that restored this faith in myself... made me see the excitement in learning new things.  The fact that I can do it.. positive mental attitude!  Whilst at the Open University I had the most amazing dyslexic tutor, Kerry Pace (link to her FaceBook page).  I think my sessions with Kerry looking back now were incredible.  She is such a positive person and that naturally rubbed off onto me!  She made learning fun and I never thought of it as difficult, I just knew I wanted to learn and Kerry gave me the support and tools to succeed.  I do miss the sessions with Kerry, I can honestly say she opened my eyes and helped me see my SpLd's as something positive in my life.

So yes Kerry has given me that thirst to want to achieve and better myself... and hmmm its a long slow road but I will get there.

After maths I then sat and ate my dinner as it was just after 5 pm and I was not sure if I would get a big enough break to eat it later.  


Steamed vegetables with chicken and mushroom sauce.  Yes yesterdays left overs and cold! mmmmm



After dinner I stretched my legs a little, walked around campus.  Then at 5.45 pm I went to English  well its called Advanced English!  ha ha I have no idea what level I am doing as its continual assessment.  I think that is good as I really have forgotten loads of things regarding English!  I mean I have no idea what a noun is or a pro-noun... and loads of other things too!!  Ha ha that is why I signed up to do English!!  Well we did have a break, it was around 7 pm where I managed to grab a coffee....

It is the smallest coffee I have ever had,... not counting espresso's!  Maybe they are a quick grab and drink coffee in between lessons?!  It tasted OK... would of preferred COSTA!!! The COSTA cafe was closed :(

When I came out of English it was dark!! OMG dark!! I did not really like the dark walk to the car park at all... note to self : move car closer at the break in between lessons!

In reflection I am feeling OK about this new venture of mine :)  

Its now 10.30 pm and to be honest I am really tired... all that 'not' studying has drained me! ha h a I have no idea what next week is going to be like after I do actually do some work! ha ha ha

As I have been on the go all day I have had no chance to snack!  Not that I have wanted to, in fact I have not been hungry at all... maybe as I have been too excited!

OK so going to bed.... 

Up early tomorrow as Jon is going to the hospital for an MRI scan.  I may take some photo's in the hospital.

Thought I would leave you with this...

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