Friday, 6 February 2015

Bionic Woman

Hey all!

Han again, I went to town last night with my good friend Siobhan to see Big Hero 6, we went in knowing nothing about the film but left wanting to see it again!

I definitely recommend going to see it even if you don't have children, you will cry with laughter, cry because it's sad and cry because it's happy!

Then today my granddad treated me to breakfast at Costa.. of course!
And as per my mother wanted in so we had to take her one too.

We then went up to the hospital to drop some stuff and the coffee off and mum has this brace on her knee know that allows her to move her knee a bit easier and she feels a lot safer with it on, but unfortunately she still can't put any weight on it :(

So that's what's been going on lately, a lil update :)

Anything else going on and I will be back!!

Han :) x 


  1. Dear Han, thank you for the recommendation on film:-)))
    I greet your mother and I wish a quick cure !!!
    But the knee looks bad: - ((((

  2. I'm jealous! I want to see that movie... the coffee looks absolutely delicious too!
    So glad the brace is making mom feel safer. Boo for not being able to put weight on it. :-( Still hoping and praying she comes home very soon. I can't imagine how stir crazy she must feel.

  3. That is a heavy duty bit of kit! Bionic woman indeed. Maybe they can fit turbos to her hands so she can stitch even faster LOL.
    Thanks for the update.

    1. Please let your mum know we miss her and wish her well. The leg looks painful! I hope it goes down soon.

  4. Oh dear, that looks very painful. Thanks Han for the update.

  5. Wow! Let us hope this is going to work. When does she get out of that place?!?

  6. Ouch. I hope it works for her and she can escape! :)

  7. well that is one serious bit of knee bracing ... and wow lass you weren't exaggerating re the swelling either ... glad you got a coffee ... hope you are managing to get some stitching done and if you could let me know which hospital you are in and ward too ... love mouse xxxx

  8. Hope that the brace will work but what a serious piece of equipment. Your Mum will be getting pretty fed up with hospital. Hope she is stitching. Best wishes to you all Shirley N.Z.

  9. Thanks for the update, Han. I'm glad the knee is being well looked after. Hope your mum is managing to fit in some serious stitching!
    J x

  10. Yummy coffee! Thanks for the update. Huge hugs to your mum. X

  11. Hi Han and Jacquie! I did see that movie and it was GREAT!!! I've been praying everyday for you Jacquie! Hope this brace works! Thank you Han for letting us know.
    Many hugs Jacquie!! We miss you. love Annette

  12. Thanks for the update Han - sending wishes yo your mum x x

  13. Thank you for the update and film recommendation Han. Your coffee looks delicious! So sorry to hear your mum is still in hospital. Sending very best wishes that she is better soon xx

  14. Thank you for letting us know about Jacquie, Han...I've really missed her perky comments and posts! That brace looks dreadful, but if it's making her better I'm sure it's worth it and what she needs! I hope she'll get out of there soon, or you may have to start paying rent.....
    Take care and get better!!! <3

  15. Thank you for the update Han, glad you enjoyed the movie.
    Boy that brace looks pretty serious, but I hope it helps you Jackie.
    Sending you hugs.

  16. Hope your mom gets to feeling better


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