Tuesday, 20 August 2013

What a confidence boost...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

OK... as I found an old photo of me actually wearing my checkered blue shorts... when they just fit me, tight everywhere...

I thought I would show you now... how they fit!!  These I promise you are the same shorts!  I deliberately kept them all these years to do just this!!

Looking at the photos I am.... SHOCKED!!!

Now I am under no illusion here... I still have a LOT of weight to take off me.  Han took this photo of me this evening (20.08.13).  I am carrying a lot of excess fluid in my legs still...

But OMG!! I filled that waist and each leg!! I cannot believe it really...

And my family let me go out like this??!!!

OK.. I went on holidays, the places I went to were hot so what was I supposed to do?  Walk around all covered up?!

I am pleased to announce that I AM GETTING SMALLER AND THE WEIGHT IS STAYING OFF!!! 

And yes I did shout that last sentence!  I am SO happy. I think you can see I am happy by my face! lol

I may bring some 'nice' holiday photo's back to share?! :)


  1. You look at least 40 years younger now!
    Ruth C

  2. Thanks Ruth... and thanks for popping in :)


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