Friday, 20 December 2013

Friday 20 th December 2013...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Thought I would start by saying Merry Christmas!  And thank you for being with me along this  far!  

Well today I went to the physio to do a session in the aqua pool... different!  But good progress I think.  My left knee is in a bad way, I think this helped.  I have to go back for more sessions... so fingers crossed it helps and my knee improves.  Han came with me and took a photo whilst I was in the treatment pool... she says I look like a dwarf!  Funny thing water!

Yes me in a swimming costume in the water... hmmm I would never thought for one minute I would ever post this kind of photo!  To be fair it does not show a lot!  But its still me!!  

Then we had coffee and I had a prawn salad in the hospital cafe..

Went and did a little food shopping after this... OH MY!! I dont recommend it! Its just mad out there!  Seriously no where to park and people ramming everything they can into their trollies.  I am not going shopping again... I refuse until after Christmas!

At home... relaxing as my knee is hurting, well the physio did say it would :(

maybe more later....

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