Friday, 6 December 2013

Friday 6th December 2013...

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SMILE today... this is how I mean to go on... 

Last night we had a power cut, but was sorted a few hours later thank goodness.

I was up and out really early this morning with the RAC man, getting a new front Tyre.  Whilst waiting I managed to drink 3 coffee's from the machine!  Then after the new Tyre was fitted it was quick home, make sure Jon was OK... Han was dropped off at college by my dad luckily or she would of been late.  Then after a quick catch up and sit down I was out again... to physio at the hospital.  To see about getting help with my knee.

So now back after the physio session... found out that I have a few things going on with my knee..its all very complicated, long words and hurts!  That about covers it! ha ha

I was given some light moving exercises to do and in 2 weeks time my physio appointment is in the hydro pool... all very exciting!

Hmmm not doing very well on the food front I am afraid.. today I have had no breakfast and no lunch.  I did actually make lunch... brown wholewheat sandwich but just did not fancy it.. Jon ate it!

I will make sure I eat dinner later....

Still not actually feeling that hungry come dinner time, but did eat something.  I did steak pie with mash potato for jon...

Me I had vegetables with mash potato... did not fancy anything.  I shock myself eating mash potato as I dont like it!!  Seriously I dont, its something to do with the texture.

I thought I was not hurting that much after the physio session... hmmm maybe that is why I have not eaten much all day?  I have been worse than this before now where I have eaten nothing because I just could not due to being in pain.  I hope and guess this is a normal thing?

It does not help that I am feeling really drained and tired.  I guess I have myself to blame for that...all the running about place to place I have been to over the last couple of weeks.

Not long until Christmas... I am waiting for a delivery of an item for a friend, I hope it comes before Christmas?  Talking of Christmas.. OMG is it me or has it come around quick?  I mean damn its Christmas already??!!  Where has the year gone?

I cannot believe its been a year almost of me being on this journey... how its flown.  And what a journey its been so far!  I think I have realized over just the last few weeks that my priorities have changed.  I mean I am not focused on the amount I have lost... I know I have to lose weight why torture myself knowing the numbers?!  I feel its more about fitting into clothing, comfortably for me... yes its being comfortable with myself.  I mean I may have to go down a fair few more dress sizes to feel comfortable, I am just not going to get hung up on the amount of weight I have lost.  I know I am still losing weight as my clothes are getting bigger!  I think I am doing OK... I mean I started a size 32 well going out of that size!  And now I am just about into a size 22!!  I think it shocking really, and am having issues dealing with the change as I still want to buy size 32 as I still look and see myself that size.  I guess this part can only truly be understood by those of you that have at one time or another been over weight and lost weight, so you know what I am talking about. Its that accepting phase where your over the moon you have lost weight but cannot get your head around it. 

hmm seems I am rambling now :(

There is NO way I will quit... I have thought about this and sure there will be days, there have been days I dont want to comply... I am human!!  But I am here until I feel comfortable remember!... no matter how long it takes me.  I just did not want people to think ooooh look at her losing that weight and now she has put it all back on... been there done that before.. not this time!  I am happy that this year I can say I have lost weight... and move on to the next year to lose more! :)

Enough waffle...

Until tomorrow...


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