Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Sunday 8th December and Monday 9th December 2013...

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This covers 2 days as I really did not get up to anything!

Thinking about this.... I think Sunday and Monday will be just reflection day as all I did was relax!

So on reflection what should I say...

Well try to eat healthier I guess.. its so damn hard.. I mean I am only human and I want to eat unhealthy things..I just do!  I think its because I know I should not.  And to be honest I have not eaten loads of unhealthy foods...ok so may be a little..

Christmas is a time of year I actually dislike the food!  Seriously I cannot stand the food.  I dont like turkey, mince pies, christmas cake, christmas pudding..  I like all the veg and salmon!  And desert wise I normally end up having some kind of cheese cake.  We dont have a tin of sweets in our home as Han does not like Cadburys!  And yes there are others to buy buy we just dont!  And this year sweets are not going to be around at my parents house when we visit as my dad now has diabetes.  So yes Christmas food is just like every other day to me!

What have I eaten over these two days... 

I am still not eating breakfast :(  In fact after a nice lay in on Sunday he only thing I ate was 2 wholewheat seeded sandwiches... but thinking about it I did not it the filling as I did not like it!  So it was just the bread I ate!  And yes I drank coffee, but also squash as I was really thirsty.  On the Monday still not breakfast... not really sure why any more I just dont eat it!  Lunch... nope!  Dinner... well I thought I had better eat something at 7pm!  So I had a tin of vegetable soup.  I have no idea what is wrong with my eating habits at the moment?  In the late evening I did feel like eating pizza as Jon was eating some!  Even with this I only ate bites from each.  I am eating.. at the wrong times, and pretty much the wrong foods too.  I know this!  

I think I am just not enjoying food at the moment..

So what am I going to do about this... so far I have just been plodding on I guess waiting for a miracle! ha ha h a  Nope that has not happened!  I need to wake up and smell the coffee ~I guess!

I think its psychological... see I know I am not 100% so I am just bumbling through!  I want to give and out all my strengths into trying to lose weight.  Its hard when you have constant head aches, a painful knee and stress in your life... it appears weigh loss is taking a back seat.  And this is not what I want.

This is what I dont understand... I know what I should be doing, I know why I am doing the things I am doing... so why cant I break this cycle and actually help myself?? OMG!! Is this like self psychoanalysis time! ha ha

I guess for state of mind I need to say happy and positive so that is what I am trying to do most days.

Put this button here to press for any positive happy suggestions....

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