Thursday, 12 December 2013

Thursday 12 th December 2013...

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Thought I would go with a Christmas theme for the 12 days of Christmas count down....

Gosh today I am feeling tired :(

I guess because I have not stopped... dropped Han at college today, her back is hurting today.  I should explain about her back...

Well when she was little it was thought she had problems with her hips, they were very clicky and grinded a lot.  The doctors never actually did anything as they thought it would get better as she got older.  And now she is older it appear there are more complications.  She went to the GP a little while ago as the pain was terrible and getting worse.  They took and x-ray and said the bottom part of her spine was twisted.  We were then sent to a skeletal specialist and he wanted an MRI scan done... we went Wednesday to get this done and it left Han in a lot of pain.  So now we have to wait fir the results of the MRI ... the appointment is not until the middle of January!  That is the story so far!

So some days Han is in a lot of pain getting up and moving about, and we are trying to get the problem sorted.

Its now just gone 12.30 and I needed some food!  So thought what could I have... so opted to jazz things up a little and made myself a strawberry milkshake!  We have frozen strawberries in our freezer and I basically just added them and some semi skimmed milk to a blender and hey presto milkshake!  mmmm

What am I up to today... trying to relax!  Maybe chill and do a bit of stitching... Han wants me to stitch some gift tags for her presents!  So I guess I had better get on with that!! ha h ahaa

Until later.....

I made sausage casserole for dinner... OMG! It was awful.. I took one bite and left it.  It confirmed to me that I dont like meat.  So I did not eat anything for a while as it put me off food for hours.  Later in the evening I ate some cheese on toast.

Han come home from college and said that someone had taken her Derwentwater art pencils.  She was distraught and really upset, she gets very attached to things and loved her pencils.  I just have no idea as to why people think its fine to take others belongings.  I mean these pencils cost us over £60 and Han used them every  day at college.  Now we have to find a way to buy more... its so frustrating and upsetting.  

Feeling deflated today...


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