Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Tuesday 10 th December 2013....

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So today has been a really tiring day, I have been at college since 10.30 am until 8.00 pm  tonight.  I have now maths support sessions with start at 10.30 am and are a real help to try and make things sink in!  Then its a general support session, how things are going at college, if I have any worries that type of thing.  Then its Maths for 4 hours and a break the English for 4 hours... then home!

A full day and lots crammed in. I like going to college and learning, today I had 3 English exams... 1 formal oral exam, 1 informal oral exam and 1 reading exam.  And to tell the truth I am feeling rather washed out and drained.  Maths..before English was used a revision lesson as next week is a test to see what is remembered!  Hmmm that will be nothing! 

Food today... 

Well surprise surprise I had no breakfast! ha ha ha

Lunch, I did pick up a wholewheat sandwich from the canteen at college... it was prawn.  I had it with a small 1 shot latte. 

Dinner, when I got home in the evening I luckily came home to food as I left it cooking on the slow cooker all day! It was spicy mince.... so had 2 wraps with mince and lettuce and a little grated cheese.  

This evening I am trying to relax and chill for a while before going to bed as I am feeling very drained.

Hope I feel better tomorrow :)


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