Thursday, 5 December 2013

Start as I mean to go on....

So this is a quick 'hello'...

It is nearly 12 midnight... why such a late blog I hear you say??

Well I have just got back from visiting Nottingham University with my daughter.  A long long day.  We set off at just before 9 am this morning and sat here writing this I feel like I am still on the motorway.

Today is probably not a very good day to start back blogging as I have been out!  But here I am...

So what on earth have I been up to these last days, weeks, months?  Erm..... I guess feeling sorry for myself!  And trying to get past why me again!  And OMG.. give me a break!!  

I have sat about feeling sorry for myself too long now and need to pull myself out of 'this'... I think this is why I have started to blog again.  To help me...

As from tomorrow I will be posting what I eat and get up to... as today not really much to say except traveled on the motorway, visited Nottingham University, walked around and got sore feet, then traveled back and sat in queues of traffic on the motorway!, got back home very late!  Yes its true we did eat...  not junk, well tried not to eat junk!  Then ate a meal in a really unusual place in Nottingham called Tamatanga, its Indian inspired dishes and very nice :)  And yes I drank plenty of Costa coffee and Starbucks coffee on route too!

Thursday is a new start of me being me again.... I have lots to chat about too... about how I feel and what direction I am going in.  Too late now, if I start this I will still be here come lunch time! ha ha

I need and want to be more positive about lots of things and I feel blogging again will help me... see what is happening now!  I am repeating myself!!! 

Ok until tomorrow...

Happy to be back :)


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