Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Tuesday 24th December 2013...Christmas Eve...

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Well yes... Its my anniversary, been married 4 years today :)  How the years fly.

Here is the card I got my husband (Jon).. cute right!

Went around my parents for afternoon coffee and cake and Jon gave me a present... to be honest I was in a little shock as I was not expecting it. This is what he gave me...

A beautiful Clogau oak leaf ring.  I am THRILLED to bits he bought this :)  I think hee hee I have been dropping hits all throughout the year though!  I mean my wedding band I had nearly lost several times due to it falling off my finger.  I was a size M/N and now I am a size J... big massive difference.... I have tiny fingers.

My parents and Han bought a lovely basket display with poinsettia and roses and other flowers... its beautiful.

My mum had filled in their card to us with a little verse...

May the love you share, 
Grow like the acorn into a mighty oak...

I think its beautiful and very apt seeing as what Jon bought me!

So yes I am feeling very loved up right now :)

Its Christmas day tomorrow... how quick that has come around.  I plan to take some photos of everything and post on my blog.  When I get around to it!

So until then..

(Borrowed from Google Images)


  1. Congratulations to both of you!
    Ruth C

  2. Happy New Year and good luck with all your fitness and weight loss goals:)


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