Saturday, 7 December 2013

Saturday 7th December 2013...

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Today its Saturday and the first actual day I had a lie in this morning!  It was AMAZING!

Yes no theme today... its a relaxing day!

Breakfast.... yes I actually ate some! ha ha a
It was 2 small slices of fresh wholewheat bread toasted with Marmite :) mmmm
And yes I cut it into smaller squares, feels like I have loads that way!

Nothing much to say during the day really...just been relaxing watching TV, cross stitching and catching up on FB.

Lunch... well I tried!  I had some sweet potato's roasted like chips tossed in piri piri spicy mix.
What I attempted to eat...

What I left...

Like I say a boring relaxing day today so the next thing to show and tell you about is dinner!! ha ha.

So I felt like having something light but filling.  So made this...  Its wholewheat brown rice with what I am calling a green medley of vegetables! 

I enjoyed it and it tasted good too.  And the best thing it did not make me full or feel really full either.  Its just right.

And now what am I up to.... erm.... cross stitching!  Something for a friend, its like an exchange thing.

Ok want to see some recent cross stitch things I have finished...

This is something I made recently and sent to a friend in Canada.  The design is from my favorite cross stitch designer... Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks... website .Its called Butterfly.

I also made a little Christmas thing!  I do not make cards because I just dont have the patience, so came up with this...

And this one too... another design by Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks, simply called The Maple Leaf.

So yes this is what I have been up to!  I like cross stitching as it relaxes me and removes me from the world just like in my own little bubble just while I cross stitch.

Until tomorrow...

Maybe another relaxing day? hmmmm possibly!

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