Thursday, 5 December 2013

Thursday 5th December 2013...

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Well up and out, took Hannah to college, gosh its windy today.  Then I toddled off to the shops... met my parents there!  So naturally sat in Costa and chatted whilst enjoying a skinny one shot latte! :) 

Just looked at the clock and its now just past mid day... what have I eaten... nothing!  Hmmmm well to be honest I am  not hungry, I know bad excuse and should make an effort to eat something.  I have had a coffee!

So off out again as I have to see the dentist at 12.40.  All go here!  Then back home afterwards to organize dinner and maybe a late lunch if I feel like eating?

Until later....

Here is what I ate on my return from the dentist... I was freezing. Its mulligatawny soup with wholewheat brown fresh bread. mmmmmm

So just trying to catch up on some magazine reading and maybe find a cross stitch design to stitch for s friend.  That is until I collect Han from college later.

Collected Han from college, popped around my parents house then headed home...hmmm nope!  We heard a noise and I felt the car lean so we turned the car around.  Luckily we had only driven a few houses down... turned around and parked back outside my parents home.  Looked at my driver side Tyre and OH!!

So this looks like a flat piece of metal...

This is actually what is was...look at the length of it!  All of that was in my Tyre.

We could hear the air hissing out of it.  So yes we called the RAC.. they were amazing took about 10 minutes.  The chap was amazed at the size of it.  He basically plugged the hole with plastic resin and then put air in.  He followed me home, I could not travel more than 30 mph and I took it easy!  So back home all was well... he got us home!  And now in the morning I have to check it has not gone down, then drive to quick-fit to get a new Tyre.  If the Tyre has gone down then I have to call the RAC again, they will fill the Tyre with air, enough for me to get to quick-fit.  So I guess I will be out early getting my Tyre sorted as I have physio on my knee tomorrow.

Finally home I sorted dinner out...

We had chicken fillet in breadcrumbs with all fresh steamed vegetables.  And some of our favorite German mushroom sauce.  Its called Jager.  Looks like loads but we did not have any potato's.  There was enough carbs with the chicken breadcrumbs.  Steamed vegetables are so nice, they taste so nice too....packed full of flavour.

Coffee time now... nearly 8pm... I think I need a coffee... Tassimo is my friend and I love the fact I can make a Costa latte at home :)

Then I may do a little stitching as I have not managed to get any done at all today. And an early night I think as I feel quite tired and drained.

Until tomorrow.....

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