Friday, 13 February 2015

Blown away by kindness....

Hello wonderful friends... I have missed you all :(

It seems I am on my way to 'normality' .... Gosh it's a long old road!  I have been pottering about my home on my crutches and Zimmer frame!  Oh I know a Zimmer frame!! But let me tell you, I feel really safe using it.. Took me a while to get over the fact I was using a Zimmer frame! Ha ha a

Do you recall when I was in hospital ha said I was trying to stitch a freebie design from one of my magazines?  Oh my!! I found it so difficult to stitch, I mean when your in pain and uncomfortable it's so hard to do anything let alone stitch.  I really had no idea how much pain affected me until then... 

I did manage to start it, in hospital...

But could not keep it up as I found pain getting in the way.

You will all be pleased to know now that I am on some amazing pain medication and we'll all I need now is time to heal.  I did stitch more of this, see I wanted to complete it for my mum for Mother's Day... I think it's on March 3 rd?? I am sure someone in UK will put me right!??

So look, it appears I have my stitching bug back!! Yipppeeeeeeeee :)

The magazine... Cross Stitch Crazy, issue 200, March 2015.  I put the one I stitched next to the one in the magazine, I am pleased with it and now just have to 'finish' it off ready to give to my mum :)

A close up....

I bet your all pleased I am stitching again!!

I have so many things to share and show you all.... The last round robin, oh my that was a lot of fun. .... So really lovely things I had been sent whilst in hospital.. A little knitted bunny, oh my it's really cute and made me smile when I did not feel like it.... I will show you them all... I promise... 

I want to share 2 things with you all today...

Oh a wonderful letter arrived, a total surprise... A lovely surprise!!  I loved the stamps, from Australia!!

Close up....

I wonderful is this!!! 
I was a lucky person chosen to receive a letter for this challenge....
The card inside was adorable and made me smile lots... But oh my!! Look what else was inside!! 
The lovely card...


Maybe a clearer photo.... Hmmmm

Look at these cute things.... Oh my!!!!
A wonderful Country Companions stitch... Lovely :)
A beautiful hand painted Barb Smith sheep design.... A sheep design!!! Did I tell you all I love sheep?!!! It's adorable.

I have to say a huge massive thank you for the wonderful things sent to me xxxx

Today I also received something else in the post....

Took my breath away... 
A package with lovely stamps again!! From Sweden!!!

This package was from a FaceBook friend, I am active in a few stitching groups and this was from a lovely lady in one of those.

A lovely card... Made me smile loads...

How lovely, I mean I was so taken aback by the words she wrote... Such a lovely kind person.

A package....

Inside.... Some fabric!! I could not hardly believe it... I am thrilled, over the moon with the generosity and kindness of people.  The fabric she sent me is actually huge.. And will keep me stitching for a while , a long while!! 

If by some chance your reading my blog, Thank You for this wonderful package.... I am very grateful and cannot wait to 'create' something now!!

That is what I wanted to share with you all today....
I am so very happy to have such lovely kind caring friends.

All I have to do now is get back to stitching!! Yes tomorrow is a new's just after 9pm now so tomorrow I will stitch again!!

One last thing I would like to leave you all with...
A friend I made whilst in the hospital....h aha ha

He would come and sit or stand on the ledge outside my window and sing to me!  Ha ha not sure if seagulls sing but this one knew when it was meal times and wanted my food! Ha ha. 

I am so pleased to be out of hospital....

Oooh yes some of you asked about the bingo when I went with my mum and dad....
It was a long day for me, a tiring one too.  I was sat in a wheelchair so was ok.  And to all our amazement, yes we did win!! £95 !! Ha ha yes we split it between us all... So had a lovely free time out!

Jon.... Keeps telling me it's Valentine's Day tomorrow!  And he has asked if I want flowers... I said no as they die, I cannot keep them.  So instead I suggested a little design with a heart or something that he connected with for us... So I would stitch it and keep it.... I will have to wait and see what he comes up with.

Ha ha I just showed Jon this above what I wrote.... And he said would I like my valentines gift early??!! What??!!! Hmmmm what do you think I said??!! Ha ha

This is what he gave me....

Yes a white envelope....
But inside....

With the threads...

He pointed this one out and smiled at me....

Oh I am actually speechless!!!!
Thank you very much Jon, I love you so much and this is indeed special... I will start sit itching it tomorrow...ha ha on Valentine's Day!! :) 

Ok so that is it!!
Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow to you all..
It's good to be back!!
Smiles :)



  1. I can hear the smile in your post Jacquie, well done and lovely stitchery for your Mum. Hugs Shirley

  2. Yay!! Congrats on the finish Jacquie! Your mom will love it!
    Gorgeous gifts!
    And oh my!! How sweet is your Jon!?! That is a wonderful valentines :)

  3. That is a sweet finish!
    And lovely goodies to enjoy! I guess I'm odd, but I love seeing the postage stamps from other places!!!
    That is a fabulous Lizzie Kate--I had not seen it! Jon sure does get the gifts right!!! Too wonderful!

  4. So good to read your blog again and hear the 'smiles'!! Your creation for your Mum is good is your Jon!!! Lovely gift from him!! He is a keeper!! Look after yourselves.

  5. Your bookmark is too wonderful, I love the design "art nouveau". Great gifts and lovely fabric. A lot of projects to work on. Lot of hugs and kisses. Have a great Valentine day. xxx

  6. Your mum will love the cute bookmark :)

  7. Lovely gifts you received and that Valentine from Jon, how romantic! Your mum's bookmark is gorgeous xx

  8. Lovely gifts you received and that Valentine from Jon, how romantic! Your mum's bookmark is gorgeous xx

  9. I love what you stitched your mum.
    Those are some fantastic gifts Jacquie.
    What a handsome friend you made while in the hospital.
    What a perfect LK gift from Jon. Happy Valentine's Day to you both!

  10. Oh, Jacquie! Ggreat news you are back in the stitchy mood - and what lovely gifts you received. Best wishes for more "Happy Days" to come!

  11. Wow, it's good! Again, I laugh at your blog:-)))
    Did you get a lovely gift, congratulations!
    I hope that today's Valentine's Day have lived happily!

  12. Lovely to see you stitching and blogging again. The bookmark is lovely, I am sure your Mum will love it.
    Jon just has the best taste in choosing presents too, he must have been so happy when you described the exact thing he had already bought!

  13. Lovely gifts. Your hubby did a wonderful job! Cute little friend you made. ;-)

  14. Yay, you are back to blogging again with your smiles! Sorry your pain has been acting up, please ask that seagull to stop by your house and take it away! Your Jon has a great taste in picking presents for you and you made such a lovely little bookmark for your mom. :D


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