Monday, 23 February 2015

Loving stitching....

Well I am a happy chick!! 
Ha ha is that a reference to Easter?! Ha ha oooh Easter stitching.... 
Sorry side tracked!!  :(

Ok.... It's lovely to be here, knowing you all pop in and see me!  I am happy because I have been stitching and stitching.... Ooooh and yes you guessed it.... Stitching! 

So do you all want to see the lovely Prairie Schooler design called "Tortoise and the Hare" I have been stitching?  

This is where I am right now...

I am so so pleased with my progress, to be honest there is not that much left to do!  I will have it all finished come the end of this week ... If not earlier!  Then come the weekend I can start the most exciting new project I have been dieing to do!!  And yes I will have you all guessing what that is too!! Ha ha

I hope your all happy stitching or making wonderful things?  I have hopped around some blogs... You might of 'seen' me?

Talking of blogs... OMG!!!
I received my subscription copy of The World Of Cross Stitching magazine, issue 227. 
This magazine...

 I was casually flicking through the pages, as I do when I first get it!  And I come across page 43....eeeeeekkkk!!!  Totally unexpected, I knew nothing of this!!


I am 'Blogger Of The Month" !!! 
I am so so excited about this..... What do you think???

Something rather silly and funny to share with you all.... My dad dropped off a lovely fresh loaf of uncut bread for us...mmmmmm
Han saw it and well..look for yourself!

No doubt Han will 'shout' at me for putting this photo of her on my blog! Ha ha  I did get 'some' of the bread, she did not actually eat it all!  This is what she wanted to do!! Ha ha and when she pulled the bread away from her face she had actually take a massive bite out of it!! Ha ha... She wanted it to look real! Ha has hound of expected that!

Never a dull moment here!!

If your wondering ... This is the 'new' improved, positive, happy me!  Unless something 'happens' with my knee then I will let you all know... Until then.... It's on with the stitching!!!

Thank you for visiting, hope my blog made you smile today...

Smiles :)



  1. Yay for tons and tons of progress! And massive congratulations on being Blogger of the Month! That's fantastic!!!! You deserve it and I hope it brought you some joy to take your mind off the pain. That bread looks delicious and Han is just too funny. She achieved her goal, it looks realistic. Lol.

  2. Congrats on blogger of the month!

  3. Fresh baked white bread.... Yum!!
    Well done on being Blogger of the Month :o)
    Love your tortoise and hare stitching - it looks great!
    Hugs xx

  4. You are a celebrity again! What fun!

  5. Well done 'blogger of the month'. Great photo, what else is a loaf for :-)

  6. your famous................

  7. Congrats on being blogger of the month in the magazine, lots more will come along and visit you to see what you are stitching and making.
    Funny pic of Han, nothing nicer than a fresh loaf of bread.

  8. How neat to be Blogger of the Month Jacquie! Good for you!

  9. Congrats on being Blogger of the Month... It's a nice feeling, that little moment of fame :D

  10. Love your comments on my blog, love, love your stitching and love, love, love your blog and its in a magazine... wow!!!! Well done you.
    Gosh that bread looked yummy... but a new start for me so all the crusty bread in my house was eaten at the weekend... ha ha ha
    Happy day Jacquie
    Chris x

  11. Great post, congratulations on blogger of the month, wonderful progress.


  12. Fantastic progress, you are definitely the hare! Congratulations on being blogger of the month. WOCS don't tell you in advance so it's always a surprise! CSC send you an email with a load of questions and ask for a photo. Don't suppose that would bother you and Han, the Queens of Silly Selfies! Or should I say "Han the Bread Bearded Lady"?

  13. Hooray for being in the magazine! You're famous in the stitching world~ :D And lovely progress on your piece. I'm a little behind in blogging so I'm sure it's well finished by now haha


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