Sunday, 22 February 2015

Who is AWESOME???

Hello my lovely friends... 
I bet your all wondering who is awesome? Ha ha ha


I continue to get lovely messages from you all everyday... Get well wishes and general messages to pick me up too, so thank you.

It is hard, every day it's hard, but with all you and your messages... I can get through this!!

I have to tell you all exactly what is wrong with me too.... Some think I have broken my leg, some just think I am ill... So I thought I would explain all...

As the doctor in the hospital said... "it's only knee pain"!!! Ha ha yes this is true... I have not broken my leg, it's been x-rayed so we're fine there!  I know what it is... 

I have osteoarthritis just in my left knee... Now reading this your probably thinking what on earth is all the fuss about then!?  OMG!! Well if you have never experienced severe osteoarthritis pain then don't dismiss this as 'just' pain.  The pain is that bad that I cannot move literally an inch without screaming, and I am talking loud screaming!  I am taking a concoction of different medications, which have just been increased, they are 'dulling' the pain some what... But I still feel some pain when I have to move, it's just not at the screaming level anymore!  I have to wear a leg brace... Or my 'bionic' leg as I affectionately call it now! This gives me the confidence to want to move, yes it still hurts, but I know my knee is secure and cannot move side to side.  I am not sure as to how long I have to keep this on, I wear it 24/7.... I have got used to it now.

Me today!

It's a common osteoarthritis 'flare' up... Just that mine is the more severe kind! :(

I am in bed as I cannot move much right now due to pain, I do have specialist people coming to visit me next week... This is exciting!  All I really want is for my pain to go and for me to be able to walk again.  I have not walked since the 8th January... A long time! I have to be patient and take each day as it comes.  

Ha ha I am anything but patient! The only think keeping sane is my stitching!!

My stitching today...

This is where I was...

That is my stitching....

Hope I have explained a few things, to make it clearer?

I should say... The pain never goes, just gets dull with the medication!

I am wanting to stay happy and positive, thank you for helping me stay happy and positve :)

Smiles :)



  1. I'm sending out my project so you can get it done for me ;) Mine's taking forever lol yours is lovely. I'm sorry you're in so much pain but yay specialists! Maybe you should go to Colorado for a while get some of the good drugs ;)

  2. I hope the specialists can help you get mobile again very soon! You are doing well to be so positive! Love the stitching you have been doing.

  3. hope they can sort you out .... love the stitching and that it is helping you while you are in bed ... love mouse xxxx

  4. Get well soon , and hoping the pain goes.
    Great stitching.

  5. You are awesome too! Some people would just whinge and bitch but you're determined not to let it get you down. The Tortoise and the Hare is looking great.

  6. God Bless you Jacquie! I hope they help you when they come to see you.
    Your sampler is so beautiful! You really got lots done. Cheering for you & keep your great attitude.
    Sending you hugs Annette

  7. Here's hoping with each passing day the pain with diminish. x

  8. You poor thing, that sounds just awful!! I hope it gets resolved for you very soon. Your stitching is beautiful. Keep those spirits up, you're doing great.

  9. Yes, it is so hard to be in daily pain that goes nowhere. I do so hope yours goes away, or greatly diminishes. How are Jon and Han?

  10. More lovely progress on your stitching :)
    Hope the specialists visit help.

  11. You're more than welcome to vent on here. We've all had our moments, but you my dear have been so upbeat! I'm so glad you've had your stitching (which is progressing beautifully) to help keep your mind off the pain. I do hope those specialists can provide you more relief! :-)

  12. Lovely stitching, and yes I have friends suffering from arthritis, so no - it's not "just" pain - it's really really bad pain. Get well soon - hope those specialists figure something out for you and that you can be on your feet again - if even part time. :) Hang in there hun!

  13. Good progress!
    I like humor, no weeping and mourning!
    I keep my fingers!

  14. Good to hear the specialists are helping to manage your pain.
    Darling sampler ")


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