Thursday, 26 February 2015

Exciting finish and oooh an exciting start....

Wonderful friends... It's me again! Ha ha ha

But of course it's me!  I love writing a post a day... Hmmmm hope you all don't mind?! Eeek! Keeps me busy and out of trouble whilst in my bed! Lol. I did get rather excited earlier!! Oh yes!! I was screaming, oh not in pain! Now that makes a change! Hee hee, I was making a lot of noise, see I popped in on Kim's blog... Only to read that she forgot to party for her blogoversary!! So I think I made up for the lack of 'party' noise! Ha ha it was fun!

So what have you all been up to? Lol since yesterday! Ha ha ......

I have been oh so busy!!! Yup..... Busy me!!

Jon, the wonderful jon, found me a complimenting colour to use of the 'road' for the Prairie Schooler "Tortoise and the Hare" design.  And me being me... Used it and stitched away!  And guess what?? It's now finished!  That is right, I have finished this lovely design :)

I was debating whether to show you the whole stitching journey or just the end bit?.....
Decisions decisions.....

Here is my finished design....

And a few little snaps of the 'bits' I like! ......

Oh there are many many more but you know as well as I do... I am totally useless at taking good pictures.  So stopped!!

Do you like my finished look?? I am ever so pleased with it.

I was all ready to start the wonderful design I have been itching to start when... Oh dear!! I lookeds at my fabric and found I had a lot of creases in it.  The fabric is an 18 count Aida I dyed myself... See for some time I had been looking for a fabric, with an 'orange' tint or look.  I could not find one so had a go at creating the colour myself!

Here are the creases..

The lovely jon, searched the Internet for a solution and then set about to making my Aida look a little less creased.  And I am over the moon with what he has done, he has worked wonders on it... 

Here it is, the full size and no creased look.... It's a fairly large piece of Aida.  I need it large for the 'mystery' design I am about to stitch on it!!

But whilst jon was working wonders on the Aida I got a little bord and started to stitch something...

Yes this is what I started!! Ha ha I was not expecting jon to work as quick as he did!! So only managed to do a little of this...

And I bet your all wondering what this is!!??  Not telling!!  Ha ha this will come out again, after I have stitched the 'mystery' design I am currently stitching.

So do you all want to see my start...

But of course you all do!!

This being the 'mystery' stitch, I am not going to tell you anything about this design for a little while.  I can tell you all its a really lovely design and I have been wanting to stitch it for ages.  Now if your feeling lucky and want to guess the details of the 'mystery' stitch... ie: the designer and the name of the design and you guess correctly, obviously before too much of the design is revealed I will send you a little gift for guessing correctly!  :)

Here is what I have stitched so far...

Any ideas!?? Ha ha ha 

So... Until tomorrow and another up date....

Huge happy smiles to you all :)


  1. Love the fabric! I dye my own as well

  2. Congrats on your PS finish. Looks great!

  3. Great finish, love the color of your new start.


  4. Great finish. The thread color worked perfectly! Very curious as to what your new start is...... fabric looks wonderful though! Nice job on dying it yourself.

  5. Congratulations on your finish! I'm happy dancing for you, hoping your knee is better. Your dye job is great - I can't imagine what you're sticthing on it!

  6. You finish is wonderful well done!!! Looks amazing! Good idea to dye your own fabric...I have no idea what you are working on....will be back to find out!!

  7. WOOHOO!!! Congrats on your beautiful finish! I LOVE it! Wow that was a fast stitch for you - LOL!
    Your fabric you hand dyed yourself looks fantastic. I also like to color mine too. When I need a certain color fabric I want it NOW - LOL! No idea on your new mystery start - YET!
    love Annette

  8. I have been racking my brain and looking up charts on line LOL!!! I think its Lizzie Kate - "Hats off to Halloween 2". Am I right? love Annette

    1. Lol..... You make me laugh!! Nope!!!
      Keep guessing!
      Smiles :)

  9. Great finish! And well done to Jon!

  10. Great choice of thread by Jon, it's perfect! What a gorgeous, fun design and beautifully stitched as always. I love your orange fabric and can't wait to see what you're stitching on it. LOL at Annette scouring the Internet for ideas!

  11. Great choice of thread by Jon, it's perfect! What a gorgeous, fun design and beautifully stitched as always. I love your orange fabric and can't wait to see what you're stitching on it. LOL at Annette scouring the Internet for ideas!

  12. Jon is ever so helpful. I am glad you are passing the time away so nicely. Your finish is beautiful.

  13. Hmmm orange fabric with black stitching!! This definitely call for a Halloween design, no???
    Congrats on your finish, the choice of cotton is just perfect :)

  14. Jacquie - thank you for the celebratory "WOOT-WOOT" for my blogoversary. You certainly made me laugh. ;0) And Jon is such a dear - love your finish and the new start. hmmmm……can hardly wait to see it morph….


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