Saturday, 28 February 2015

But what else would I be stitching!!!......

Hello my wonderful happy friends :)

I am pleased to say that the brilliant Mii (Ingrid) guessed the correct designer and name of the 'mystery' stitching I was doing...yippppeeeeee!!! Well Done!! 

So yes the designer is Blue Ribbon Designs and the design is called "Five Houses Of Hope"... And some of you know I love ALL Blue Ribbon Designs!  If your not familiar with the designs, in my side bar I have a link to the website :). Go take a peek... Belinda, the designer is awesome, she designs wonderful projects to stitch... Go look!!

So now you know what I am stitching I guess I should show you all what it looks like ..... So you then are aware which part I am stitching and what it will look like when finished.

I should tell you all that this design was created only for a special event.. Belinda actually took part in this too!  Like I say.. An amazing person!!  Belinda designed "Five Houses Of Hope" for a charity event, (which took place last year) where this design was only available to donors.  All proceeds benefit the Susan G Komen 3-Day event.  (  Belinda took part in this event, she walked 60 miles over the 3 days!!  She walked to honor the survivors, to support the fighters, in remembrance, to raise awareness, to raise funds and finally she walked for a CURE for breast cancer.  I can tell you all that Belinda did walk with her team mates and raised a lot of money for breast cancer... I am not sure of the exact figure but believe me it was a LOT!!
(Goodness I hope I got all that information correct?  And that Belinda does not mind me mentioning this?). 

As I could not be there to walk with Belinda and her team mates, I supported them by donating to get this exclusive design.  I am now thrilled to be stitching...

So here is what the actual design looks like...

A close up... Sorry I am useless as you all know with taking photo's!!  :(

That is the design... And now what I have done so far....

I am thrilled with my progress and ooooh I love it, I am actually finding it hard to put down!!  I just want to stitch and stitch it!!  

I think the fabric is ok too, which I am thrilled about.  See I hand dyed a piece of 18 count cream Aida... It come out like this..... 

So I decided to use it for this wonderful design :)

Yes I am happy happy happy...stitching this design is making me happy, I think it's the colours?  It's just a joy to stitch.  Sitting in my bed, yes I am still here!! It's helping me pass the time, in a really happy mood!!

I want to say a huge thank you to you all for playing along guessing who the designer was... Thank you it was a lot of fun.  

Hope your all well and happy?
Thank you for popping in on me... You make me smile with the lovely comments you all leave :)

Ok ... I am going now.... See you all tomorrow :)

Smiles :)



  1. Hi Jacquie, That's a great sampler design by Blue Ribbon Designs. How wonderful that Belinda designed it for charity and walked 60 miles to boot! I love your hand dyed fabric--it will make the piece sing!

  2. That is a beautiful design Jacquie, and you have done so much!! Good to hear you so happy!! Belinda is a very talented woman!

  3. Good job mii! And great way to raise awareness!

  4. You're working on a wonderful design & made HUUUUGE progress!!! Look at you, there's no stopping you :D

  5. You must surely be getting used to your pain meds, because it does not appear you are drowsy for long. You are making fantastic progress!

  6. I cannot imagine walking 60 miles! I could stitch for 60 hours instead though.
    This is a great design and a lovely story behind it. When you frame the piece you should type out the details and stick them on the back so you will always remember and your descendants know how important the piece is.
    Love the fabric too.

  7. This is such a pretty design - enhanced by your hand-dyed cloth. Beautiful.

  8. This is looking so cute my dear xx

  9. That tree is so pretty! I love this BIG pattern!
    You are really stitching a ton! What fun!

  10. A lovely piece and well done to Belinda on her walk.


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