Friday, 27 February 2015

No one guessed yet?....

Ha ha I have never chuckled and giggled so much reading the suggestions of what my 'mystery' new stitch is...

Oooh sorry... Hello wonderful friends :). Thank you all so much for popping in on me again, I love it when you all pop in and leave a comment :)

So yes... Yesterday I mentioned that I would give a little gift to the person who could correctly guess the designer and design of my current 'mystery' stitching project.  Yes this still stands... And I will be more than happy to send/post something to the person with the correct details...BUT.... Ha ha you need to know that I am still house bound..ha ha actually bed bound! And have no idea when I can get to the post office... I am, rather I am looking into this...see the Red Cross said they would help us out now and then.  So I may be able to organize them to go to the post office for me?? Fingers crossed... If not at some point my parcels WILL get posted...hmmm along with other things, you just have to be patient and wait!  :(. I hope that is ok??

So the next up date.....

Yes it's a tree!!

Some of you thought I was stitching with black... Sorry it's my lighting and naff ability to take photo's, it's actually a dark brown... DMC 838 :)

The fabric, this is my creation :). Yes I developed the colour... It's so exciting doing that :). So yes it's my own hand dyed colour on 18 count Aida.

I can give you another clue..

It's a rather large design.

And being a large design, I am hoping with all the stitching I am doing it 'grows' quickly and the picture becomes clearer...

I am thrilled so many of you are so curious as to what I am stitching!  It's so much fun.. Not sure how much longer I can keep it quiet for... I am so terrible at this!!  If not this time, I hope someone guesses it at the next up date!?

How have you all been??

Busy?  Stitching? Creating?

It's Easter soon... I should think about maybe stitching something for Easter?? Are you stitching something special for Easter?

Ok... Must go and stitch more of the 'mystery' design.... 

Smiles... No big huge smiles!!



  1. Five Houses of Hope by Blue Ribbon Designs???

    1. Go you!!! Congratulations!!
      I will sort out a gift for you and add it to the 'to be posted' pile! :)
      Thank you for taking part :)
      Smiles :)

  2. Mii you just beat me to it! It will look stunning on that fabric.

    1. Darn it!! Oh thank you for being such a good sport and playing along :). It's been a lot of fun, I hope you had fun playing :)
      Thank you, I love my fabric too :)
      Smiles :)

  3. Replies
    1. Hee hee....
      It's now been guessed by Mii :)
      The designer is Blue Ribbon Designs... And the design is called "Five Houses Of Hope"
      Smiles :)

  4. Woohoo go Mii! Such a cute design! Still loving this fabric. It looks really great.

  5. Ooh such a tease... in a good way that is!
    Love looking at your stitching projects.
    Congrats to Mii for guessing correctly... xox

  6. I was going to guess a tree of life..Lol!! Good to see it has already been guessed!
    Busy packing here ready to move house on sewing happening here at present! :-(

  7. LOL!! Congrats Mii! I just looked it up and what a incredible sampler. It's going to be sooo beautiful Jacquie! I I have to laugh because you want to know what we've been doing. Had seen on Pinterest how to wash & whiten pillows. So this morning I went and got all the items I needed borax, powdered dish washer soap etc.. Tested a white sheet first - Great! Pillows went in and when I took them out one still had over 5 liters of water stuck inside.... SO what have I been doing ..milking my dang pillow this evening (no huge hole for the water to go out so I stood there squeezing the water which out very slowly. LOL!!!) Not a fun Friday night for
    Great progress on your new project. love Annette

  8. Wow it is really looking so lovely xx

  9. Congrats to Ingrid!! I had no clue….Jacquie, I hope you are back on your feet soon.


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