Thursday, 26 February 2015

Well, well, well......

Ha ha ....

Hello wonderful friends, gosh! So so lovely of you to pop in and visit me :). Thank You xx

So now that your here, I bet you want to know what I have been up to!!  

Well... Been stitching! Ha ha 

I mean what else would I be doing whilst stuck in my bed??!!  Erm.... Ha ha silly question as I am sure your all now going to send me some suggestions! OMG!! ha ha this could be rather interesting! Ha ha

Ok..... Yes I have been stitching...

I stitched this....

Then did a little more...

Yes it's almost finished... There is really the smallest of things to do... But I have come a cropper!! Ha ha erm... I think I have rather messed up!!

Well I am stitching on this wonderful beige linen and it's really lovely to use... Just that the colour of it is almost identical to the last colour I need to use to finish off the design!! 

I took a photo of the design off the chart so you can see what I have to do... It's basically the 'track' that runs around the whole design... Looks like a little road..or track..

Can you see it?  It kind of snakes around the whole design...  That is the only thing missing from my design.

Jon... The sweet heart that he is...mis looking at colour charts and comparing what I have stitched and the thread I have to see if he can come up with a solution :). I will let him 'look' at this for a few days... Then see what he comes jump with.  Oh... Knowing all you talented folk out there.... Have you ever done something like this?  Ha ha probably not!  If you have, what did you do?  I think finding an alternative colour that is similar may be the option that will or might work?  Do you agree???

Ok.... Leave that to one side for now!! 

I think I will start my next amazing project... Omg I have been waiting for what seems forever to start this amazing design.  And whilst sat in my bed, not being able to go anywhere... Seems the perfect opertunity to start it!!

So... Ha ha I am not going to tell you anything about this next project... Ha ha it's so much fun when you have to all guess!!

I will start it.... And tomorrow's post I will show you all what I have started with...should be interesting!  I can tell you it's a really beautiful, colourful design and I am so pleased to stitch it.

Ok... Going now as I want to start the 'mystery' stitch!!!

Smiles to you all..



  1. Gorgeous stitching. I have been stuck in the position when I've changed fabrics but I just pick a colour that is close.

  2. Love this stitching! You've done a great job, and I think you are now a Prairie Schooler lover, too!!!

  3. It looks great! I'd say go with a color just a shade darker (or two depending on how close it is). Can't wait for the new project!!

  4. I use a shade chart and go for one in the same family but just a little darker.
    You've been amazingly fast with this one, it looks lovely.

  5. This is such a great piece :) I'd say pick another thread colour, something that's a few shades darker :)

  6. I agree with the great advice you've already been given! I've had to do this on a project of mine recently (Singing in the Rain by Madame Chantilly) which now has a brown hen instead of a cream one. As long as you stick to a similar shade it should be fine.

  7. Good advice already given, I would choose a shade slightly darker to is shows up.

  8. Yep, I would definitely opt for a slightly darker shade :)

  9. It looks so good! Now I definitely have to dig mine out and work on it! Yes, I agree with the previous commenters -- just use a color a shade or two darker.

  10. I would also go for a darker floss .

  11. So you end!
    Very nice!
    I wonder for a new start:-)


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