Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Such a terrible blogger......

Oh my!!
So so very sorry for not writing my blog...
Things are well... No better, I am in pain and cannot move out of my bed now!  But hey thinking positive I am stitching! Ha ha
My mum said for me to keep my sense of humour! And boy has it helped me!

I hope your all ok.. I have been doing a little blog hopping but not a lot... In between the naps my medication are forcing me to have!  And yes I am also fitting in stitching too before my medication kicks in and sends me to sleep.

Here I am in my bed earlier today...such a lovely photo! Ha ha as you can see I am stitching, and my 'best' friend is a hot water bottle with a zebra cover!

Here is what I have been stitching.....
It was the lovely Valentine's Day gift from my husband.  A Lizzie Kate design called " Faith Hope Love " I stitched the larger one on 32 count Belfast raw linen using Weeks Dye Works threads.  The smaller design I stitched on 14 count pink Aida using the same threads.

The design to remind you....

My journey...

The smaller one.....

So that is pretty much what I have been up to! 
As I am now bed bound I am finding it hard accessing things... I mean I have no idea as to what I am going to stitch next!?  I have to try to explain to Han... What I fancy stitching!

I hope you never thought I deserted you all?  Oh my please do not think that.... I love blogging and love all the friends I have made.  Pain was the reason I have not blogged daily.  I am trying and if things get too bad again then I will give instructions to Han to blog on my behalf again...ha ha she can have the 'guest' spot again!

All I want to do is be back to normal... Back to how it was before.. I am trying to be patient... Taking one day at a time.  But oh I am so frustrated... It's. My mission now to try to be possitive as I have no idea as to how long I am likely to be like this.  Ooooooh lots of stitching to be done!! Ha ha 

I want to say one thing I a not so happy about.... I feel awful.... I have missed a few of your birthdays, I have things made and put by in my home for some of you.  But getting to the post office is a no go at the moment :(. And we'll I really wanted to make some really special but just have not been well enough to put it together....menace why I feel awful.  But this is not the end... I have noted them and well.... I hope when I am better I will forfill my mission to give out those birthday things.  So hmmmm some of you may well get late gifts :(. But please don't think I have forgotten about you.

Ok enought rambling I think!
On wards and up wards!
One day at a time!

Huge smiles to you all :) xx


  1. Goodness gracious I can't wait for your pain to finally go away. This is crazy!! Thankfully you have that sense of humor holding you together. :-) You are anything but a terrible blogger, just hit a little rough patch is all. Your stitching is beautiful in the meantime though. He really picked out a wonderful pattern!

  2. At least you have been able to get some stitching done, these are two lovely designs.
    I hope the pain subsides soon and you get mobile again.
    Don't worry about the missed Birthdays, late presents just extend the fun and besides - mine isn't until September LOL

  3. I'm sorry that you are still in such pain. I hope you can get some relief soon. Beautiful stitching.

  4. Your stitching looks great Jacquie. But what is to be done?! Just keep taking meds?

  5. Love your stitching Jacquie, Jon chose beautiful designs with lovely meaning. Don't worry ab Iut not blogging everyone understands.....just hope the pain goes away for you soon and you get mobile once again......wonderful you are able to keep your sense of humour....necessary in this world at the best of times!! Look after yourself.

  6. I don't think not blogging daily makes you a bad blogger! Rest is more important anyway. :D Your stitching looks lovely and I'm sure Jon is happy to see you enjoying it. :) I hope your pain goes away quickly~

  7. Oh Jacquie: I hope you are back to feeling better soon, I hope that your stitching keeps you happy.
    Lovely choices for stitching.


  8. I'm so sorry you're still feeling bad! It must be hard to go through! I really hope things will look up and get better! Hang in there!!! I'm glad you like to stitch and have that to occupy your time! I love the sweet chart from Jon--your stitching on it is so pretty! Really lovely!
    Keep us posted on how you are!

  9. Your stitching is beautiful! Hope the pain passes super quickly!

  10. Rest lots and be good. Lovely stitching you've been able to do inbetween sleeps.

  11. Oh dear don't worry about us. Most of us only blog once a week. You just worry about getting better

  12. Dear Jacquie, time heals! It must withstand and health come!
    Your Lizzie is beautiful!

  13. My goodness! We're all just glad that you're okay. Do wish that you were healed up entirely and back on your feet, but things take time. Just be thankful that you have meds that help and stitching to do. By the way....Your stitching is beautiful! Positive thoughts now! Hugs and stitches.

  14. Beautiful stitching as always. So sorry to hear you are still in lots of pain. Don't worry about us, we won't go anywhere! Han did a great job standing in x


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