Friday, 20 February 2015


Ha ha ha .... Hello my wonderful friends :)

I read your comments from my last post and thought maybe I should post another photo!!  Yes an up date!!

I have been stitching all day... The process of me stitching is so much slower than normal.  This is due to me having to take my medication every 4 hours and ha ha not long after taking it I become quite drowsy!  Sometimes I can stitch through the drowsy state, other times I cannot focus so end up either napping or watching the TV for a little while!  So all considered I think what I stitched today is pretty good!! Ha ha a

A reminder...

Well I have decided to stitch a 'mystery' design for you all! Ha ha I know who the designer is and what the design is called... I just wanted to do something different really!!

I may well let you know the detail soon?!

Here is where it started....

And that is where I am right now!!
I did have a chuckle at some of the guesses.... Hee hee 

With what I have stitched now... Hmmmm a few of you may know the design and designer?  Maybe?  If not.... Have a guess??

Well what do we know....

I have said previously that it's a 'large' design... ie it's not just this square!

It's got a rabbit, is that a rabbit?

Is it an Easter design?

And it's in the country... Hence all the green grass and open fields!

Any idea??? Oooh this is fun!!

What can I say... Another up date tomorrow!!! Ha ha aha maybe you will see more of the picture then?

So what have you all been up to??

Smiling and stitching I hope?!  Ok I am going as I need to stitch! Ha ha

Smiles to you all :)



  1. Yes, it's Prairie Schoolers "Tortoise & The Hare". That's a great and fun design.

  2. Yes!! Prairie Schooler! You made a good choice!!
    I have this chart and it's really cute!

  3. Prairie Schooler is always a good choice.

  4. Goodness! I wasn't expecting that much progress as I scrolled through the photos! Looking good so far.

  5. I missed your last post and tonight I am seeing an almost done new project - LOL! You've made so much progress. Looks GREAT!
    Looks lovely and I did guess that it was a Prairie Schooler design but didn't know the name.
    Hope your having a good day and I know your stitching:) love Annette

  6. It's looking super Jacqui, real spring colours coming into this design.

  7. I could tell as I went along it was Prairie Schooler. It looks great! I am glad you are finding comfort in stitching. And increased meds. ;)

  8. Your stitching pattern is so sweet - puts me in the mood for Spring!!!

  9. I guessed Prairie Schoolmbut didn't know the design. Of course now I can see it is a hare and not a rabbit.
    One my my pet peeves is people who come into our shop and pick up Guess How Much I Love You and call them rabbits. They are Nut Brown Hares!! Read the book people. LOL

  10. The points you described are common but very important indeed. Looking forward to more tips from you.


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