Saturday, 13 June 2015

Been busy.... Wow!! An amazing giveaway....

Hello wonderful friends... I have been trying to keep busy, to take my mind off things.  Stitching is wonderful, and I am so pleased, no, blessed that I am able to.

But first I have to tell you all about an AMAZING giveaway ... Not mine, that is coming very soon!! This giveaway is being held at The Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Oooh let's try a link... If I can!! 


Darn iPad!! Hope that works!!

The giveaway .... OH MY!! The most amazing lot of hand dyed threads I have ever seen all together!! Just look at all those colours!! 

There are 1600 yards of hand dyed floss!!! WOW!! WOW!! And WOW!!  It's a great giveaway and Oooh naturally I would LOVE to win it... Oh boy would I!!  The saying goes if your not in it you cannot win it!! So get yourself over there!!

Oooh just love all those colours... Very pretty and happy, you think?!


So what have I been up to? Lots!! H aha ha see I could not decide what to stitch, my head is all over the place right now.. So dabbled in a few bits and made a huge mess too!! 

I will explain....

Stitched a Lesley Teare design, made it into a card... Oooh I know!! A card!!! I am not one for making cards, but thought I would have a go..

It was from this magazine..

Then I thought I would work on something else... Something I am kind of experimenting with, never done it before, was not sure on the fabric I chose or the colours.  See I had to re think some colours as I was missing some.

Do you know I have come to the conclusion that I am totally useless at matching similar colours... Any tips there?  Is there an easier way to do it?  Any tips would be good as I am oh just terrible at it!!

So here it is... 

I started it...

Then did a bit more, but it's just wrong.. Not liking it, and I know all the colours are wrong... Do I frog it and forget about it? Hmmmm

I actually like the design, but I think, no feel this one may just sit on the shelf...

Then... Well got itchy fingers ha ha is that even something?  I know that you can have itchy feet, causes you to move about a lot!! So I applied same saying to fingers and ha ha fingers moving around a lot!! 

So next I decided to stitch a lovely design... Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE it... So much that I am going to stitch it again and again in different colours.  So this one I stitched now, it's a kind of 'test' piece...

It's designed by Nancy from the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe... Called "Scatter Smiles"... So very me!! No the wonder why I simply love it!!  And I stitched it with some variegated threads, just for a change :)

Another angle...

Then here is where the mess comes in!! Ha ha I thought ok get your sewing machine out and have a go!! Bearing in mind I have not been up to getting it out before now... I tried and just about managed to put one thing together... Not my best work, but I tried and it's a test piece.

The mess I created!! H ah ha it was fun!! 

Managed to make a little pillow... Nothing spectacular or amazing...very simple really....front...


I thought the fabric was pretty and all the colours went really well together.

So that is pretty much what I got up to...
It's been lovely popping in and visiting some of your blogs, I love what your all doing, your all so very talented.

Until next time... 

Smiles, big smiles to you all :) 



  1. The card is just adorable! You did great.
    The colors on Scatter Smiles.... I LOVE it! =D

  2. Great projects...great job. Good for you!

  3. Oh, Jacquie, you have so many new projects!
    Everything is beautiful!
    The pillow has a nice color, well you sewed it!

  4. the card is lovely.............and have the machine out..............looking good...............

  5. Cute pillow :) I need to buy myself a sewing machine that I can zigzag stitch on so I can deep my fabric from fraying. But also to make cute things like pillows :)

  6. The card is lovely and the little pillow, great job!! It is good to make mess, helps with the creative process I say!!

  7. Wow so much done and perfectly finished! Bravo. Bad week with my sewing machine, 2 needles broken by DD3 trying to sew her cosplay, have still to hem table napkins but the machine is punished in her box and I'm back to work tomorrow so don't know when this will be done. Hugs.

  8. Beautiful job glad you liked the pattern.

  9. What a sweet, sweet, card, Jacquie! All your stitching looks great - so glad to see your stitching mojo is back - you must be feeling better!!!

  10. Super card, that will make a lovely gift.
    Great cushion, well done on being able to work on the sewing machine.

  11. The card and the pillow look great! I make a mess too pulling out fabrics to find the perfect one. I have yet to start up the sewing machine though! Maybe you've inspired me to just do it! Hope alls well!

  12. Scatter Smiles is lovely and could have been designed just for you!

    I use a DMC shade chart to choose colours but nothing compares to actually getting the threads out on the fabric. You could also use the colours from another design if they go well together. That way someone else has done the choosing work for you!

  13. Your doing good, keep up the good work, love the pillow, don't mine the mess, that always happens when people are creating good things. hugs Lynda Ruth

  14. Scatter Smiles is a lovely design!!!

  15. I found myself smiling as I read your blog - so your cushion is working already! Great work!

  16. You have been so busy! Lots of lovely stitching and finishing. Your Scatter Smiles pillow is beautiful.

  17. Your card looks so pretty as does your Scatter Smiles finish - so sweet and Waitstill is looking good, too, I think.

  18. Beautiful stitching!!! And a great finished pillow too!


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