Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Hot hot hot needle!!

Hello again lovelies.... Ha ha that is a nice saying :)

I hope your all well, happy and smiling? 

Oh I am!! I have been rather busy since my last post... Eeeek!!! Just loving stitching right now!!

Well you all are aware I started the glorious sheep design gifted to me by Jo.... 

Here is the journey of the Winter Friends designed by The Snowflower Diaries.

I loved doing every stitch... It was a really lovely design to stitch, thank you again Jo xx

Well after I finished that I moved onto another project... Jon the sweetie purchased a pre-birthday treat for me!! Eeeeek!!! So what else could I do but stitch it!! And well the month of June will soon be over so naturally I had to stitch it!!

It's a design from Heart in Hand, part of the Joyful Journal series this one is June ... Her is my journey!!

I could not get over how many colours were used!! Thankfully I actually had them all!!

Here is the design if your not familiar with it....

Well I think I epically failed at taking photos of the journey stitching that one!!  I think it's because I was just so into it, loving stitching it that the time just flew by.  Seriously I stitched this in a few hours and think it's marvellous.

Maybe I will start July tomorrow?  Depends if I have the colours?  I am hoping that the same colours are repeated throughout all the months... That would be cool!  Well I guess I will find out tomorrow when I get it out!  So Thank You Jon!! Oh and I am told I have another package.... But it may be late as there is one thread colour out of stock ... Ho hum!! I am sure it will be wonderful what ever it is whenever it turns up!! Oooooh 4 days until my birthday... Nah!! I tell you the older you get, well from my opinion any way... The older I get the more boring birthdays become... I can't really do much being ill still, no energy!! So maybe save the going out to when I am feeling better?  I thought about having a nice family meal.... Ha ha ha I cannot eat a meal!! We had pizza the other night and I hardly ate any... Not only that it seems my stomach only wants bland food right now so yes I was ill :(

Talking of bland food... Here is what I munched on tonight... Carrots and houmous mmmmmm

Well that's all folks as they say!! Ha ah 

Big smiles to you all :)
I will be back soon... Oooh maybe my next post will be about my giveaway.... Ooooh!!



  1. What a lovely chart of sheep and bunny, good to see you back stitching up a storm .
    Wips look great hugs.

  2. Adorable ces moutons,bonne idée de commencer la broderie par le corps des moutons!
    Bonne petites croix

  3. You have been busy with needle and thread, lots of lovely little x's you've created, they look super.

  4. Love the sheep stitchery......and the bees and hive...you have been a very busy person!! Your snack looks yummy!!!!

  5. You are on FIRE, Girl! Love the stitching and patterns - adorable - just like you!!

  6. Good for you, back at it with the stitching! What adorable designs. :)

  7. I love the Winter Friends, it's so gorgeous! Your sewing machine is going to be busy....

  8. Oh my goodness you needle is on fire! Two great finishes! I do find that there are projects that just make you want to stitch MORE!

  9. Two lovely designs. It's so good to see you stitching again.


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