Sunday, 7 June 2015

Stitching, stitching.... Stitching!!

Hello lovely friends, I am so so happy to be here..... Really I am :)

I have missed blogging so much, I found it helped me in so many ways too.... So it's nice to say to you all I am back!! We easing myself slowly back into it!!

It's nice to be home and stitching, oh and stitching I have been!!

Just as I got home jon told me my subscription copy of Cross Stitch Collection magazine, issue 125 turned up... Good timing!! So I flicked through the pages and thought ooooh I could stitch that!  Changed a few colours and off I started... Oh yes I wanted to challenge myself a little so stitched it on 30 count opalescent white fabric, over 1.  Let me tell you it was a fun and interesting stitch :)

The magazine...

The design is called "Friends Forever" by Maria Diaz.....

Almost done....

Through my magnifying lens, as yes I did pick it up the more I stitched I found it easier.

And the finished project...

I put my scissors and a DMC thread bobbin next to my finished project so you can see the scale of it...

It was actually a lot of fun to stitch, I loved the bright colours too. Goodness!! I forgot to show you all the other stitching I was doing... From the booklet...remember this one...

For those who guessed GO YOU!! Yes indeed I chose the bee hive.  I am not sure why but bees, bee hives I just love to stitch... They are so pretty.

Here it is.... This is actually a photo I took whilst stitching in hospital, I decided to not stitch the bee at the top and I still had to add the flower French knots.

Not that good a photo... But you can see I stitched it!  Bzz Bzz

So I bet your all wondering what I am up to now?? H aha ha

Well it's something I started last year and it gives me a smile everytime I look at it... Not a lot left to stitch on it, so I thought why not!! I will post photos of that in my next update.

I was thinking, you know I had wanted to do so much this year, half of the year is almost over now... I feel a little awful as you all have been ever so kind to me and you must think I am terrible.  I cannot believe I have spent so much time in and out of hospital.. Fingers crossed that I am on the mend now and starting to get my life back.

Today is Sunday but I had to go to the hospital... Yes my local one :(. Oh don't worry it was for a planned schedules appointment, with the MRI scanner.  See I have been waiting for what seemed forever to get my knee scanned... Let's hope they do something with it now as I still cannot walk properly or straighten it.  The scan went fine, just a little stiff Nd sore when It was all over.  To wait for the follow up appointment next....

Sending you all big happy smiles :)
Thank you so much for popping in to see me, please do feel free to,leave a happy comment :)



  1. Yay I guessed right! lol that we are cute designs. I wish I could get that magazine at a decent price but oh well I can find her designs online as well :)

  2. I am glad you got the MRI done.Oh my! What a lovely friend design. So very pretty and nice. Your beehive turned out great Jacquie. Hugs for you. :D

  3. My goodness, I LOVE your "friends" piece. I've not seen fabric like that before. Love the colors you chose, too. Take care, keep mending.
    Love and hugs

  4. Those two works are lovely and that fabric gain value the stitching (valorize?). Hugs. Take care.

  5. You've been stitching away! The friends one is so pretty and I love that fabric! You know I love the little BEE one! Too cute! You are really working a lot!
    So glad you got your MRI and now maybe they can decide exactly what to do with you!!!!
    Take care of yourself and get well soon!

  6. Jacquie, Maria Diaz is gorgeous!
    I would also picked bee, my husband is a beekeeper :-)))
    I hope that we will be able to walk and you will be healthy !!!
    I look forward to your new posts!

  7. Such a cute little stitch, it has such happy colors! And sparkly fabric is always a win ahaha. Keep on keeping on~! :D

  8. Your stitching looks great. Glad you are home and doing better. I hope some good will come from your MRI results.

  9. Love your stitchery it looks beautiful. Hugs to you for your improvement in your health. It has been a terrible trying time for you and your family. Hugs Shirley N.Z.

  10. Friends Forever is so pretty! Beehive is pretty too. Hopefully the MRI will find something fixable so you can get back to being mobile. I have the same kind of sparkly fabric you used for Friends Forever. Take care!

  11. Never think that you are terrible!!! Life sometimes bites us on the bum and there isn't much we can do about it except get better and carry on and that is what you are doing!! Hope the MRI discovers something and it can be fixed pronto smonto for you!!! Love the Friends forever stitchery, you have chosen beautiful colours...the bees and hive are wonderful too!! Look after yourself and your family!! Sending healing thoughts!!

  12. Your stitching is looking so lovely dear...
    Big hugs x

  13. Wonderful news you are home and recovering. Hope the MRI gives the docs the into they need to get you back on your feet again.
    Great finish from your magazine.
    Happy Stitching!
    take care x

  14. The over one looks lovely. I really love over one stitching, it's so delicate. It kind of elevates some designs from. "Nice" to "amazing"!! Perfect sentiment for your blog too.

  15. Your friendship stitching design over 1 is fabulous! Well done :)

  16. Hi Jacquie! Your friends piece is just gorgeous! And what pretty stork scissors you have - goes perfectly with the colors in Friends. Beautiful Bee Hive - I think the yellow brightens up your day:)
    Great job on getting so much stitched. Glad you got to have your MRI. Hope it will show whats wrong. You are not terrible. You've been through way too much. Time for happiness!!!
    love and hugs Annette

  17. I love those bees! So pretty. Your Friends piece looks like a challenge.
    Hope you have good news from your MRI.


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